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Redeeming Work Study

Wednesdays, March 29-May3
Family Center, Room 1, 7-8:30 p.m.

Your work matters. You spend eight hours a day, five days a week (or more!) there. It's what you talk about at parties. It's how you introduce yourself. It's where you met a lot of your friends. It might even be the reason you live where you live. Our jobs often dictate the circumstances and rhythms of our lives. So why does Monday morning feel so far from Sunday morning sometimes? For many Christians, there is a significant gap between work and faith. The two simply feel unrelated.

This six-session group study helps bridge that gap. Redeeming Work provides several tools to discover ways to reflect daily on how faith and work connect. Click here for more details.


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Resources From Past Faith@Work Conferences

Emmanuel Faith Community Church launched its Faith@Work ministry initiative with the October 9/10, 2015, God@Work? conference. The goal was to help develop a more integrated approach to faith, work and life.

Click on any message title below to access the audio or video recordings from the conference sessions and workshops.


 Your Work Matters to God
• Your Work Has Worth
• Work as Part of My Faith
Your Work is by God's Design -- You've Been Hardwired for a Purpose
• Seeing the Bigger Picture of Your Work
• Integrating Faith, Work and Life

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How to Show Christian Ethics at Work
• How to Deal with Co-Workers and Management Challenges
• How to Be God's Woman in a Man’s World
• How to Balance Family Priorities
• How to Defend Your Faith in the Workplace
How to Integrate Faith Into Your Workplace

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