Spiritual growth happens with the help of others. So what are you waiting for? Get more involved at Emmanuel Faith through an adult ministry! We have several options to from which to choose.

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How will you benefit from getting involved in an adult ministry at EFCC?

1. Develop deeper friendships.

Adult fellowships or life groups offer you opportunities to be connected to part of God's family.

2. Grow in spiritual maturity.

Find the support and encouragement you need to continue growing to be like Christ.

3. Increase your opportunities to serve.

Discover opportunities to use and develop your spiritual gifts for the purpose of serving others.

4. Find natural evangelistic outlets.

A fellowship or life group can help you reach your friends! Socials and other touch points provide places for people at all stages of their spiritual journey to feel comfortable and develop natural friendships with Christians.

5. Worship and focus on God more.

A variety of means to worship the Lord exist through our groups.