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The Crisis in Afghanistan

What is the situation of Christians in Afghanistan?

As we all watch the dramatic events in Afghanistan, we are heartbroken for the plight of all those who served alongside our military forces, the future of women and children under the Taliban rule as well as the increased persecution of the church. Here are brief answers to the questions we’ve been getting the last few days.

There are an estimated 2,000-4,000 Christians in Afghanistan and the Afghan church has been growing despite the fact that believers must remain in secret or face severe persecution. Converting away from Islam is punishable by death under Sharia law. It is also considered a betrayal of one’s tribal community, which often leads to honor killings of Christians by their families. Like everyone else who is not aligned with the Taliban, Christians are in hiding and looking for ways to escape the country.

What happens to Afghan refugees?

What is Emmanuel Faith doing?

There are 2.6 million Afghan refugees around the world. There are approximately 18,000 Afghan Special Immigrant Visa applicants awaiting processing and 53,000 family members in need of protection as a result of service alongside the U.S. military. Of refugees settled in San Diego last year, the second-highest number was from Afghanistan. New families are arriving weekly.

Because working directly in Afghanistan is nearly impossible, EFCC’s missionaries and partners are focused on reaching the Afghan diaspora. In fact, we help train and support Afghan Christians who are actively evangelizing other refugees coming to Europe. Locally, our Journey of Hope Refugee Ministry is helping to welcome new refugees as they arrive in San Diego.

How You Can Help

Stay Informed

Find out what God is doing in these circumstances. There are Christian news outlets, such as Missions Network NewsMissions CatalystThe Christian Post, and Christianity Today, that can offer a different perspective from what you are hearing in the secular media.

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Pray Diligently

God is present with those who are suffering (Job 36:15, Psalm 10:17-18, Psalm 72:12-13). Pray that God would be merciful to them and bring them hope. Pray for the emerging church in Afghanistan, that it will persevere in the face of persecution, and that the gospel would shine bright in this time of darkness. Our prayers make a real difference and often turn impossible situations into miracle stories.

Give Strategically

There are many urgent appeals to donate on social media but it is better to give to reputable, Christian organizations that have a track record of effective ministry. EFCC has a global network of trusted partners, so we set up a special Afghan Refugee Fund to help your gift make the most difference, both locally and globally.

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Join a Good Neighbor Team

You can personally help welcome Afghan refugee families arriving weekly here in San Diego. Forced to flee violence and persecution at a moment’s notice they arrive without any belongings. Our Journey of Hope Refugee Ministry is working alongside World Relief and local resettlement agencies to welcome refugees, to provide for their essential needs, and to love them in the name of Jesus.

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The time to make a difference is now.

Give today through our Afghanistan Refugee Fund to donate through a global network of reputable, trusted partners and have the assurance that your resources are actually going where it should.

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