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Listed below are links to several apologetics-related web sites . . .

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Creation, Evolution, and Science

(Note: The rest of the black underlined items below are not web links.)

Darwin’s Black Box (M. Behe)

The Existence of God and the Beginning of the Universe (W.Craig)

Evolution: A Theory in Crisis (M. Denton)

Origin Science (N. Geisler)

The Fossils Still Say “No” (D. Gish)

Defeating Darwinism (P. Johnson)

Darwin on Trial (P. Johnson)

Of Pandas and People (D. Kenyon and P. Davis)

The Creation Hypothesis (J. P. Moreland)

What Is Creation Science (H. Morris)

The Soul of Science (N. Pearcy and C. Thaxton)

The Fingerprint of God (H. Ross)

The Creator and the Cosmos (H. Ross)

Beyond the Cosmos (H. Ross)

The Genesis Question (H. Ross)

A Matter of Days (H. Ross)

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design (J. Wells)

The Language of God (F. Collins)

Origins (R. Shapiro)

The Case for a Creator (L. Strobel, book and DVD)

The Mystery of Life’s Origin (C. Thaxton)

Icons of Evolution (J. Wells, book and DVD)

Journey Toward Creation (DVD)

Modern Physics and Ancient Faith (S. Barr)

Origins of Life (H. Ross and F. Rana)

The Privileged Planet (DVD)

Unlocking the Mystery of Life (DVD)

Who Was Adam? (H. Ross and F. Rana)

The Cell’s Design (F. Rana)

Signature in the Cell (S. Meyer)

Expelled (DVD)

Darwin's Dilemma (DVD)

Coming to Grips with Genesis (T. Mortenson)

Grand Canyon (T. Vail)

The Young Earth (J. Morris)

Taking Back Astronomy (J. Lisle)

Sowing Atheism (R.B. Johnson)

The New Answers Book (K. Ham)

Intelligent Design Uncensored (W. Dembski)

The Holman QuickSource Guide to Understanding Creation (M. Whorton)

Dual Revelation (DVD)


History of the Christian Church
(P. Schaff)

Under the Influence (A. Schmidt)

Basic Christianity (J. Stott)

Know What You Believe (P. Little)

Coming Again (J. Newcombe)

Christianity on Trial (V. Carroll)

The Faith (C. Colson)

The Case for Christ (L. Strobel)

The Case for the Real Jesus (L. Strobel)

The Historical Jesus (G. Habermas)

Jesus Under Fire (M. Wilkins and J. P. Moreland)

What If Jesus Had Never Been Born? (D. J. Kennedy)

6 Modern Myths About Christianity (P. Sampson)

7 Myths About Christianity (D. and S. Larsen)

Christianity on Trial (V. Carroll and D. Shiflett)

One Nation Under God (D. Gibbs)

What’s So Great About Christianity? (D. D’Souza)

What Have They Done with Jesus? (B. Witherington)

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The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Question
(J. White)

Truth and Error in the Da Vinci Code (M. Strauss)

Truth and Fiction in the Da Vinci Code (B. Ehrman)

Cracking Da Vinci’s Code (J. Garlow and P. Jones)

The Da Vinci Code: Fact or Fiction? (H. Hanegraaff and P. Maier)

The Da Vinci Hoax (C. Olson and S. Miesel)

The Gospel Code: Novel Claims About Jesus . . . (B. Witherington)

Existence of the Soul

Body, Soul, and Life Everlasting
(J. W. Cooper)

Immortality (J. P. Moreland) -- called Beyond Death now in newer editions

Resurrection (H. Hanegraaff)

Scaling the Secular City (J. P. Moreland)

What Is the Soul? (J. P. Moreland)

General Apologetics

When Skeptics Ask
(N. Geisler and R. Brooks)

Without a Doubt: Answering the 20 Toughest Faith Questions (K. Samples)

Answers to Tough Questions (J. McDowell)

Know Why You Believe (P. Little)

Skeptics Answered (D. J. Kennedy)

6 Modern Myths About Christianity (P. Sampson)

7 Myths About Christianity (D. and S. Larsen)

Christianity on Trial (V. Carroll and D. Shiflett)

True for You (P. Copan)

I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be an Atheist (N. Geisler and F. Turek)

The Case for Faith (L. Strobel)

To Everyone an Answer (F. Beckwith)

Mere Christianity (C. S. Lewis)

Why I Believe (D. J. Kennedy)

The Handbook of Christian Apologetics (P. Kreeft)

When Critics Ask (N. Geisler)

How Now Shall We Live? (C. Colson)

The Faith (C. Colson)

The Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics (N. Geisler)

Scaling the Secular City (J. P. Moreland)

The Bible Answer Book (H. Hanegraaff)

Tactics (G. Koukl)

The Ambassador’s Guide to the New Atheists (G. Koukl)

The Reason for God (T. Keller)

The God Question (J. P. Moreland)

Evidence for God (W. Dembski and M. Licona)

On Guard (W. L. Craig)

Tactics (G. Koukl)

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Tolerance and Other Social Issues

Can We Be Good Without God?
(P. Chamberlain)

Christian Apologetics in the Postmodern World (T. Phillips)

The Death of Truth (D. McCallum)

Illiberal Education (D. D’Souza)* 

The New Tolerance (J. McDowell and B. Hostetler)

Right From Wrong (J. McDowell and B. Hostetler)

When Tolerance Is No Virtue (S. D. Gaede)

Postmodern Times (G. Veith)

Issues Facing Christians Today (J. Stott)

In, But Not Of (H. Hewitt)

Total Truth (N. Pearcey)

Relativism (G. Koukl and F. Beckwith)

The Bible

A General Introduction to the Bible
(N. Geisler and W. Nix)

An Introduction to the New Testament (D.A. Carson and D. Moo)

Nothing But the Truth (B. Edwards)

The Historical Jesus (G. Habermas)

The Historical Reliability of the Gospels (C. Blomberg)

The Search for Messiah (M. Eastman and C. Smith)

Echoes of His Presence (R. Vander Laan)

What If the Bible Had Never Been Written? (D. J. Kennedy)

Can We Trust the Gospels? (M. Roberts)

How We Got the Bible (N. Lightfoot)

The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? (F.F. Bruce)

Jesus Under Fire (M. Wilkins and J. P. Moreland)

Coming Again (J. Newcombe)

Hard Sayings of the Bible (W. Kaiser)

The Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties (G. Archer)

Understanding the Bible (J. Stott)

What Have They Done With Jesus? (Witherington)

The Heresy of Orthodoxy (A. Kostenberger and M. Kruger)

Religions and Sects

One Nation Under Gods
(R. Abanes)

The Universe Next Door (J. Sire)

Mormonism 101 (B. McKeever)

Understanding the Times (D. Noebel)

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (R. Spencer)

The Great Divide (A. Schmidt)

The Challenge of the Cults (R. Rhodes)

So What’s the Difference? (F. Ridenour)

Answering Islam (N. Geisler and A. Saleeb)

God's Battalions (R. Stark)

The Bible vs. the Book of Mormon (DVD)

DNA vs. the Book of Mormon (DVD)

World Religions and Cults 101 (B. Bickel and S. Jantz)

Kingdom of the Cults (Martin and Zacharias)

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