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Beyond Phase 2 Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate the positive response we’ve received about updating the Worship Center. Thank you! As we go through this process, we want to create a forum to answer your questions. Here are a few of the questions we’ve been asked thus far. If you have other questions, please email our EFCC Elder Board Chairman, Zack Swinscoe.

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What new features will be included in the Worship Center refresh?

We’re excited that we’ll be moving the Family Room downstairs! Right now, families with crying babies or wiggly toddlers need to take their strollers and baby bags upstairs to the Family Room, which is also shared with other ministries. Having a designated Family Room that’s adjacent to the sanctuary is convenient for young families and lets them know they are welcome. 

Our goal is to create a warm, inviting environment for visitors and regular attenders. To do this, we’re enlarging the awnings out front to make the entrance to the Worship Center obvious, but also to provide a place for people to connect. We’re also opening up our foyer so there’s more room for people to mingle, catch up and meet new people. 

Have you ever been sitting inside the Worship Center but hearing conversations in the foyer? Several features are being added to dampen the noise between the foyer and the sanctuary, so people can happily converse in the foyer without impeding the worship services.

And yes, a beautiful new cross will be the focal point of our new stage refurbishment.

Why are you replacing the pipe organ?

The organ is a rich part of our Classic services, but our previous organ was almost 100 years old. At the request of our organist Margie Oliver and worship pastor Dave Hook, we are UPGRADING the organ. Margie and Dave have handpicked the replacement organ, and are excited how it will connect with our new sound system to enhance our worship time of praising the Lord together. For more information view the video below.

Why are you removing the pews?

As with all furniture, there comes a time where it’s more expensive to refurbish than to replace. That’s where we’re at with the pews. They were purchased in 1996, and the cushions and upholstery are overdue to be replaced. The cost to do that is almost the cost of replacing the pews with brand new chairs. 

In the early days of Emmanuel Faith, before we moved to our current location, we had theater seating. And now we’re going back to our roots. The theater seats allow us to fit a few more people into the Worship Center. Plus, it’s easier to clean the floor, and we have an opportunity to provide some cup holders. 

The theater seats will not have arms which will provide the flexibility and comfort similar to pews. And, yes, you can still sit close with your family as you hear from God’s Word.

Is it smart to do this renovation in the middle of a pandemic?

For years, we have discussed the need to update the Worship Center to create a more welcoming “front door” for our visitors and regular attenders. However, in order to do any significant work on our Worship Center, we would need to close it down for 4-6 months. Most recently, the plan was discussed to do the project next summer. But there was still the question of where those services would be held. We were just beginning to make these alternate plans when the pandemic hit. When we realized that we wouldn’t be able to have large indoor gatherings for some time in this current season, we began discussing using this unique opportunity to begin the project. 

As the finances were discussed, it was discovered that there were a number of financial benefits with moving forward with the project now, including the low interest rates. With this information, the Beyond committee presented the suggestion to the Elder Board. With much prayer and discussion, the board voted in favor of moving forward with this project now, in order to capitalize on the lower costs, and so we don’t need to be displaced from the Worship Center again in order to do the needed remodel.

How can I participate in helping create a warm, welcoming “front door” to our campus?

PRAYER: One of the most important ways to participate is through prayer. We already have seen God answering prayers on behalf of this project. Please continue to pray for God’s wisdom and creativity in the design, for safety during construction, for finances and reduced costs, that nothing will hold up the timing of the project.

WORK PROJECTS: If you’re interested in volunteering with some of the demolition and/or construction projects, please contact Jim North.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: If God is calling you to give toward refreshing and enhancing the heart of our campus, our Worship Center, you can do so in several ways. (1) For one-time or recurring gifts, click on the appropriate giving button below. Then click to choose the Beyond Building Fund from the drop down. (2) If you currently give to Beyond and would like to increase your gift amount, you can do so via this link. (3) To donate via stocks or other assets, please contact COO/CFO Jim North via email or call (760) 781-2193.

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Have More Questions?

If you have additional questions, please email EFCC Elder Board Chairman, Zack Swinscoe.

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