The EFCC library has many helpful resources for growing disciples. Of course, the most basic and essential tool for any believer is the Word of God. We have a selection of Bibles in different versions.

To help with some terms in the Bible, we have an assortment of dictionaries, which give definitions of words from the original language. Every word of every verse of the Bible can be found in our concordances. Concordances are useful for topical Bible studies. Verses are cross-referenced throughout.

We also have a large assortment of commentaries on both the Old and New Testaments.

There are a variety of tools and resources available online:

+ - A web site published by Biola University with several different online Bibles, dictionaries, etc.

+ - A great online resource

+ - Books and resources from Focus on the Family

+ EFCC’s own Apologetics Ministry web page resources

+ Former EFCC Pastor, the late Dr. Richard Strauss’ preaching ministry lives on via the Internet. Click here to learn more (