Care & CounselingC A R E

(Compassion, Awareness, Redemption & Empathy)

Our mission is to offer CARE to the family of God and to our community.

We do this through a number of ministries which are detailed below. We endeavor to show CARE (Compassion, Awareness, Redemption and Empathy) to those we serve.

When we are broken and broken-hearted, we need the compassion of a loving God (Psalm 116:5); the awareness of our deepest need (Rom. 3:23); an understanding of the redemptive heart of God (Col. 1:13-14) and someone to partner with us who will demonstrate empathy (2 Tim. 3:16).

Support Groups at EFCC

One of our key ministries to EFCC attendees, members and the local community is to provide care through support groups. Click any link below to learn more about the various groups we offer.

  • Grief Support

  • Heart Healers & Divorce Care

  • Chronic Illness

  • Set Free Christ-centered Recovery

  • Crossroads (Jobs)

to see the rest of the support groups we offer.

Counseling Ministries Available at EFCC

Another key component of Care & Counseling is our counseling ministry. Here are several ways we can minister to you and your family's needs through our experienced counseling staff.

Crisis Counseling

Chip Whitman, EFCC's Pastor of Care & Counseling

Biblical Counseling

Kathy Moratto, Director of Biblical Counseling, including Set Free Christ-centered Recovery

Lay Counseling

A trained team of lay counselors are available to assist in finding biblical approaches to resolving emotional, behavioral or relational issues. Lay counselors are supervised by Kathy Moratto.

Living Free in Christ

Key Leader: Sharon Chapman, Director of Freedom In Christ Ministries
This ministry area offers a biblical approach to encourage spiritual and emotional growth through classes and counsel. Classes include Truths That Transform, Discipleship Journey and the Grace Course. CLICK HERE to find out more about upcoming classes or to register online.

Marriage Mentors

Key Leaders: Cherryl Early, (760) 781-2108
Provides couple-to-couple companioning through the challenges of married life on a weekly basis, helping couples to grow in Christian maturity. CLICK HERE for more details. Marraige retreats and other seminars are offered through the year as well.

Premarital Counseling

Key Leaders: Will & Linda McLennan - offering extensive eight-week sessions to prepare those considering marriage. All classes require a pastoral interview before entering the class. Cost: $80 per couple, plus an additional $35 for one online test. EMAIL US for more details.

Remarriage Counseling

Key Leaders: Mark & Cheryl Gray - offering extensive 10-week sessions to those preparing for second marriages at EFCC. All classes require a pastoral interview before entering the class. Cost: $80 per couple, plus an additional $35 for one online test.

To make an appointment
with any of the above counselors, please contact Cherryl Early at (760) 781-2108 or contact us via e-mail.

RESOLVE - Relational Wisdom 360 and Biblical Peacemaking

Key Leader: Judy Steidl - The mission of the RESOLVE Ministry Fellowship is to provide biblical resources for increased relational wisdom, compassionate conflict resolution, and biblical mediation, while uniting to serve God as peacemakers throughout the region. CLICK HERE to find out more.

CARE Workshops and Seminars

Click here
to view a complete listing of our additional workshops and seminars offered throughout the year.

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