Discipleship at EFCC

Calling All Disciple Makers!

Living in the way of Jesus with the heart of Jesus means we embrace his mission for us to be disciples who make disciples. And while this is his calling for us as his followers, it’s also the most exciting way to live! Being used by him to help bring people into his kingdom, and then playing a part in helping them grow to full maturity or wholeness is worth giving your whole life to! Some of you know this; some are about to find out!

We Want to Help

Regardless of where you are in your journey of being a disciple who makes disciples, we want to help. Here’s how you can help us help you:


LET US KNOW YOU’RE IN. If you’ve decided to take up the challenge of disciple making, CLICK HERE to fill out a simple form that will capture some of your personal information. We want to know who you are and form a community of disciple makers who are learning and growing together.

Take advantage of these disciple maker resources:

Making disciples is simple, but not simplistic. There are tried and true methods that God is blessing all around the world at this very moment. We have chosen two of the most successful and are making them available to you right now! If you wonder if these work, we have a number of pastoral staff and lay elders who are currently using them and who can attest to the fact that they indeed do.

We invite you to try them out and to let us know how God uses them. Perhaps even give some thought to combining the two methods into one, or augmenting one method with the other.

Helpful Methods

Three Questions Method (PDF)

Three-by-Three Method (PDF)