All-church Sermon Series for 2018

From the week of January 21 through the week of March 11, you're invited to come and "engage" in our next sermon series. We'll be supplying an eight-week devotional to complement the ENGAGE! sermon series and asking everyone (as many as possible) to join in a small group. Group signups will start January 6/7.


• To LEAD or HOST a group - CLICK HERE! Many group leaders and hosts are still needed. Click here to view a list of upcoming training dates.

Please see below for more details about the ENGAGE groups and series, starting with a video by Pastor Dennis Keating.


This winter we're recruiting 200+ couples and/or individuals to host and lead an Engage! Small Group!


Engage! is an eight-week sermon series and small group experience. This will be an all-church focus and everyone will be encouraged to attend a service on the weekend and then gather during the week in a small group to discuss what was presented, share a bit of life together, and support one another in prayer. Each person will also be encouraged to take and read a devotional which has been written by EFCC staff and ministry partners.


These small groups will be held in homes around North County. We are asking that those who lead a group also host. If there are particular limitations which prevent leading and hosting, we will work to find a host location.


ENGAGE! will begin on Sunday, January 21, and end on Saturday, March 17.

Bible HandsWHY?

God calls us to be more than simply attendees and passive participants in His family. His desire is that we would be actively engaged with Him and His people. As such, we will take a deeper look at what God has to say to us about biblical fellowship, biblical community, being and living out a commitment to God by being and living out a commitment to EFCC, using our gifts to serve one another, opening our hearts to one another, and many more topics and themes.

For some the message from God's Word will be, "Keep going, you're doing a great job. But, what's next?" For others the message from God's Word will be, "Why are you holding back? It's time to get more involved in your church! What’s next for you?" We will expect God to both encourage and challenge us to move on to greater growth and biblical, spiritual maturity.

D Ministries logoHOW?

During the month of December we will seek to recruit our 200+ leaders. During the month of January, we will seek to fill each of those groups as well as provide each leader with one hour of training in order to equip them. During the series we will write weekly discussion questions which will be in the Worship Folder, provide a weekly Video Blog from Pastor Dennis or that weekend's speaker, and provide each leader with Leader's Notes which will coach, guide and help them lead and facilitate their group. We will be available at every step of the way to counsel, encourage, guide, pray, process and cheer each one who becomes a leader. Additionally, all of the ministries of EFCC will be available to support you in your ministry.

See a list of training dates below. We would love to have you conisder being a group leader for this series.

Small Group Leadership Training Dates:

Tues., January 9 - 7pm - Family Center, Room 2
Wed., January 10 - 7pm - Family Center, Room 1
Wed., January 17 - 7pm - Family Center, Room 1
Thurs., January 18 - 7pm - Ed. Center, Room 5 (1st Floor)
Sun., January 14 - 11am - Youth Center, Young Adults Room (2nd Floor)
Sun., January 21 - 11am - Youth Center, Young Adults Room (2nd Floor)

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us:

Discipleship Ministries
email us | call us: (760) 781-2161