EFCC [email protected] MINISTRY

Faith@WorkFor most of us, where we work is where we spend the majority of our time, five days a week. But does our work really have meaning? Is there more to it than just earning a paycheck?

Emmanuel Faith has started a [email protected] ministry to help develop a more integrated approach to faith, work and life. This initiative was launched with the October 9/10, 2015, [email protected]? conference.  

Our Mission

Honoring God by living like Jesus in our workplace.

Growing: By working more effectively, efficiently and profitably
By partnering with our co-workers, clients, and service providers
By sharing our lives with others through vulnerability and authenticity, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through action and word

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Our Vision

Through these efforts, the theology of work, the biblical calling, and the responsibility of working is embraced and integrated throughout all of Emmanuel Faith.

Theology of Work Statement

We believe God ordained work as a gift to manage His creation by serving mankind which leads to human flourishing.

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Our [email protected] Leaders


Jeremy Johnson
Pastor of Families & Ministry to Men
Emmanuel Faith Community Church


Todd Willer
Director of EFCC [email protected] Ministry
Director, HR & Employee Experience
Vistage Worldwide, Inc.