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Featured [email protected] Spotlight (from Spring 2017 E-Newsetter)

EFCC's [email protected] ministry recently interviewed Megan Ziegler of Emmanuel Faith for our spring E-Newsletter edition. Read more about her below ...

Job Title: High School Teacher
Company: Escondido High School
Q: Tell us briefly about your role and responsibilities at work.
I teach Biology and AVID at Escondido High School (EHS). Both are incredibly rewarding in their own right, as they allow me to share my passion of science, and allow to me help students develop into the people they want to become. One of the best parts of my job is building connections with students, which I am able to do through teaching and by leading the Fellowship of Christian Athlete's girl's Bible study once a week during lunch. Most of the girls are unchurched, and attend because a teammate invites them to join (and we have pizza!). They hear the Gospel and belong to a group that is accepting, open and safe.

Q: When did you become a Christ-follower? How do you see your work as a service to God?

Growing up in a Christian family, I received amazing training in God's truths and exposure to the Bible. I asked Jesus into my heart at a young age, but chose Christ as my savior between my junior and senior year of high school. That is when my faith started to become my own.

I see missions as a heart attitude, rather than a matter of geographic location. We are called collectively as a church to make disciples of all nations. We also are called to love our neighbors. I do both at Escondido High School. My work as a teacher allows me to connect with and love on His kids. I am provided opportunities to show Christ-like love, grace, patience, and mercy with my students daily. High schoolers, like us, require grace, patience and forgiveness. I better understand the Gospel and God's grace towards me as I practice (and often fail) to be gracious and loving toward my kids.

Q: How did you discover your giftedness? Your sweet spot?
Honestly, I am still finding it. I knew teaching was something I wanted to pursue, but I am still figuring out what I want to do when I grow up. I know that I am passionate about mentoring and developing others.

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In terms of teaching, I know high school is the age group I best connect with. Right now, I am confident that this is where the Lord has me. I am choosing to be content in the everyday.

Q: Can you provide a few Bible verses that undergird your theology of work?

Genesis 2:15, 19-20 shows us work existed before the fall! Work is good and God-given. Colossians 3:17 calls us to live our lives (and work) in the name of Jesus. Matthew 25:34-36 directs us meet people's needs. Many of my students come from less-than-ideal circumstances and home lives. It's a privilege and responsibility to help meet their needs while they are in my class. Romans 12:6-8 asks us to do what we are good at! We are each gifted and should use our passions/gifts to serve the Kingdom and God's kids.

Q. How does a Christian worldview affect your leadership and work?

God calls us to do our work with integrity and excellence. Therefore, I am to be the best teacher and employee. My work ethic is a witness to those around me. We are also called to love people unconditionally, which is saying something when you teach high school! The most challenging part of working for me is to continue to see it as meaningful and as my mission field. There are hurting and broken people all around me at school. I get to be a glimpse of Jesus for them. This is such an honor and responsibility!

Previous [email protected] E-Newsletter Spotlights

EFCC’s [email protected] ministry recently interviewed Tom & Melissa Winter. Tom is currently a teacher and coach at Escondido High School. Melissa (her spotlight profile follows Tom's below) is a Business Coach at Buffini & Company.

faith at work photosTOM WINTER
Job Title: Teacher and Coach
Company: Escondido High School

Q: Tell us briefly about your role and responsibilities at work.

My role is three-fold: I'm a social studies teacher to predominately 10th grade students; and for the past 20 years I've been a coach; and for the past 15 years I've been the Varsity Girls' Golf Coach at Escondido High School. I'm also the teacher liaison for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes huddle that meets in my room each week.

Q: When did you become a Christ-follower? How do you see your work as a service to God?

I became a Christ-follower as a young child and rededicated my life in high school. My teaching and coaching is secondary to my mission of impacting kids at the high school level. It's been said that a coach will impact more kids in one season than the average person will in a lifetime. I feel that God's put me in a unique situation to be able to share the Gospel in a public school, secular situation. If we are supposed to "not be ashamed of the Gospel," I hope to model that in my behavior and actions to the students/athletes I serve.

Q: How did you discover your giftedness? Your sweet spot?
I've always been involved in sports since I was six years old. I always had some type of ball in my hand, loved being a part of a team, was fortunate to be on lots of winning teams, and saw how a coach could positively or negatively impact a team.

Fast forward to college, when I was an undergraduate at Azusa Pacific. I got a job working at parks and recreation with 4th-6th graders, and realized how much of an impact I had on those boys while teaching them football, softball and soccer. I really enjoyed it and knew that was what I wanted to do. It evolved from there.

faith at work photosQ: Can you provide a few Bible verses that undergird your theology of work?
Romans 1:16 is the main verse that I live by and remind myself of on a regular basis. When I'm in a situation where my beliefs are questioned or when I need to show Christ's love to someone. Romans 1:16 tells me not to be ashamed of the Gospel, so I strive to not be ashamed of the Gospel.

Q. How does a Christian worldview affect your leadership and work?
Being handicapped and in a wheelchair (I battle the fun disease of multiple sclerosis[MS]), there are a lot of days and times I don't feel like going to work. But I know I'm an example for Christ on my campus because I have MS, and if I don't go to work, I would not be able to impact people the way God's allowed me to. I also realize that my teaching is secondary. If my work is worship, I strive to be the best teacher I can be, but I realize I'm there for another reason. Not everyone remembers what they learned in high school, but they remember that favorite teacher or coach and the type of person that they were. I hope to be remembered as impactful, funny, and as a Believer -- someone that was different than everybody else. 

faith at work photosMELISSA WINTER
Job Title:
Business Coach

Company: Buffini & Company

Q: Tell us briefly about your role and responsibilities at work.
My role at Buffini & Company is that of Business Coach. I help small business owners create a business plan, maintain a budget, and set and reach goals for their life and business.

Q: When did you become a Christ-follower? How do you see your work as a service to God?
I became a Christ-follower as a child, but it wasn't until high school that I began to understand the difference between religion and a relationship with Christ. When I was in college at Azusa Pacific University, I was struggling in my student teaching and had a professor challenge me with Colossians 3:23. She enlightened me that working "heartily as unto the Lord" meant that I needed to view God as my audience, and not focus on the person with whom I was in conflict.

Q: How did you discover your giftedness? Your sweet spot?
While there's always been a teacher inside of me, I've also had mentors and coaches who saw more in me than I saw in myself. Getting my teaching credential and subsequently landing my first job as a high school teacher and coach were at the prompting of several of my own high school mentors.

Eight years later when I left the education field to join Buffini & Company, and again when I changed roles within the company into the role of Business Coach, it was at the prompting of another set of mentors. God has put me into a situation where I can use that teacher side of me in a way I could have never imagined.

Q: Can you provide a few Bible verses that undergird your theology of work?
Colossians 3:23: "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters."

Q: How does a Christian worldview affect your leadership and work?
I'm blessed to work for an owner who lives out his Christian faith and a company whose mission is to "impact and improve people's lives." We challenge people to set goals in various areas of their lives, starting with their spiritual life and continuing to family goals, business goals, financial goals, and personal goals. How people interpret "spiritual goals" varies greatly, but it's amazing how this prompts discussions with people who haven't been to church in years and often sets them on a course to renew their faith in Christ.

As I've been challenged by the [email protected] teachings, it's caused me to live out my work as worship, and to remind my clients that their work has worth and their lives matter to God.

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EFCC’s [email protected] ministry recently interviewed Todd Willer. Todd is a member of EFCC’s [email protected] Leadership Committee and works at Vistage Worldwide, Inc.

Job Title:
Director, HR & Employee Experience

Company: Vistage Worldwide, Inc.

Q: Congratulations on your new position at Vistage Worldwide, Inc. Tell us briefly about your role and responsibilities.
Thanks. My job title is Director of HR and Employee Experience. I am responsible to develop systems and support for our employees to align their efforts with the mission of the organization, develop their skills and capacities so they can achieve important results and grow in their career -- basically, I help people meet their goals and flourish.

Q: When did you become a Christ follower? How do you see your work as a service to God?
I started following Jesus my freshman year of college. Even though I have had quite a bit of time to think about my work as service to God, I have to say that I just recently started seeing how faith and work really fit together. The primary way that I see my work as a service to God is that I meet needs of humans who are all made in the image of God. Each and every employee is intrinsically valuable and they are all offering up a service to their own customers. My job is to help them do an excellent job of serving others. I serve God by loving and serving His precious children.

Q: How did you discover your giftedness? Your sweet spot?
I have often envied those people who had a very clear and specific view of what kind of job they were made for. I am different. I can do quite a few things relatively well and have found it frustrating at times to not have one particular vocation in my cross hairs. That said, in recent years I have seen God pull together my interests, talents, workplace and educational experiences to give me a vision of how I can best serve Him and others. I honestly couldn’t have predicted how all of these things came together, and I have just begun to get a clear idea of what this sweet spot is.

There are two patterns that stand out to me as I look back over the past 20 years: 1) I have said “yes” to many opportunities that have been offered to me, and those opportunities have helped me to understand myself as well as given me new skills and knowledge, and 2) God is always at work in the background.

Q: Can you provide a few Bible verses that undergird your theology of work?
Genesis 1:28 - "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth."

We are to actively go out into the world, and using our own talents, experiences and vision, participate with God in bringing about His purposes in all the corners of our world. This involves everything from helping a child with homework to cleaning a movie theater to conducting a performance review for an employee.

1 Corinthians 10:31 - "So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God."

There are no compartmentalized parts of our lives. We don’t have "work lives" and "church lives" and “home lives." We have one unified life and we get to bring honor to God in whatever role or place we happen to be located at any particular moment. He wants to see us enjoying and honoring Him in whatever we are doing.

icon imageQ:
How does a Christian worldview affect your leadership and work?
It affects everything.

I see what I do at work as incredibly meaningful -- there is no trivial work. God has entrusted me with being able to help and serve and influence other precious human beings! And often I get to serve, love and influence people at sensitive, and difficult, times in their lives.

My worldview has me partner with my coworkers to provide the most dignifying, meaningful experiences we can create for our employees. We want to provide an environment in which they are treated as highly valuable and capable of doing great things. And even when someone is being fired from their job, for example, we make sure that the person is treated with the utmost respect and care.

Also, I see God’s image in my coworkers as they reflect God's character through their creativity in finding solutions, intellect in figuring out a problem, enjoyment of beauty as they design elegant code, and passion in persevering through busy seasons. I thank God for being able to see Him by observing my coworkers as they collaborate to produce value for our customers.

Finally, I see my workplace as one of the primary means by which God prunes me and grows me to be more like Jesus. It is at work that I am regularly developed to be a better steward of my time and resources, to be more patient and wait for decisions to be made, to practice humility by pursuing the recognition of others rather than myself, to be vulnerable and be open about my mistakes and fears, to love others by being interested in their lives and spouses and kids -- the list goes on and on (and there is a lot of opportunity for me to grow! ;-) Jesus is with me at work.

I intend to work in a way that honors Jesus and attracts people to Him. And I have found that when people see Jesus in the way you work they will come and ask you about Him. The opportunities to tell others about Jesus will come very naturally.

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