"Beyond" & Master Facility Plan


"Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen."
Ephesians 3:20-21 (NASB)


God is able to do abundantly BEYOND what we expect -- more than we could think or imagine! As a church family our goal is to "honor God by living like Jesus," responding to God's call to go beyond to a deeper personal faith and a greater corporate impact -- by training our church family, serving our community and changing our world. With this in mind, the Board of Elders is convinced that the Lord would have us prepare ourselves and this church campus for greater impact both now and in the future. Thank you for taking time to learn and pray about how this process can enhance our role for God's glory.

(1) Why do we need a new Master Facility Plan?

In October 1939, 200 men, women and children met at Central Elementary School in Escondido to start a church guided by the Word of God. Soon after, Emmanuel Faith Community Church was meeting in the Escondido Women's Club House. Even back then, we were starting to live out our current 2020 Vision statement, being "a church that risks using all means to invite people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds into a life-transforming relationship with God through Jesus Christ." As the love of God poured out from the congregation into the community, the growing church family moved to a new church property at 7th and Maple in Escondido. Within a couple of decades, the ministry at the church continued to expand, and more and more people flocked to the church that was becoming well-known for its strong Bible teaching. 

As we outgrew those facilities, God placed it on the heart of the church leadership to develop our first Master Facility Plan for our current property, breaking ground in 1971. The construction of the Chapel in 2006 was the final phase of that original plan. As EFCC continued to grow, included in our 2020 Vision was the creation of a new Master Facility Plan, one that will allow us to continue to grow and meet the spiritual needs of our surrounding community. In October 2015, after considerable prayer and discussion, the Board of Elders approved this new Master Facility Plan to ensure that we continue to impact future generations for Christ.

After many months of working with an architectural firm specializing in church designs and getting input from the Elder Board, staff and congregation, we now have a Master Facility Plan that has been approved by both the City of Escondido and our EFCC Board of Elders.

Our new Master Facility Plan includes four phases, and the Elders approved moving forward on the first two phases as the Lord provides (outlined in Question 3). When Faith Kids moves from the Education Center and Nursery into the new building, this will open up downstairs classrooms for Adult Fellowships and Bible studies. We’ll also be able to expand the Holy Grounds Café and Courtyard to provide more connecting opportunities, where spiritual connections and conversations happen.

Like the first Master Facility Plan that took over 35 years to complete, this is a long-term plan. We will again wait on God’s timing before we start on phases three and four. The final phases tentatively include renovating the Worship and Youth Centers and creating a new two-story training space where we can launch new ministries, church plants and additional worship venues.

(2) How does this new Master Facility Plan accomplish our Mission and Vision? 

We believe having more, effective ministry space where people can grow, connect and share is a crucial part in fulfilling God’s call for us to reach people for Christ and encourage Christians to grow in their walk with the Lord, “honoring God by living like Jesus.” Our 2020 Vision states:

"By 2020, EFCC will be a church that risks using all means to invite people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds into a life-transforming relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We will seek to engage and impact our culture by being pure-hearted, fully devoted followers of Jesus. We will train and be trained to know and live out biblical truth by compassionately caring for each other and the needy and broken in our communities. We will sacrificially invest our time, resources and abilities to proclaim the good news of forgiveness and hope throughout Escondido, North County and the world."

We want to continue to reach out, train and send people from our church family so that 30 to 40 years from now this vision will have even greater results. We know we will need safe, inviting, easier to use, better equipped ministry space if we are to “keep on keeping on” with our current ministries and to launch new ones in our ever changing world. As the stewards of what God has entrusted to us, we are responsible to invest our lives and this campus to increase God’s influence and glory.

By starting with the children’s area in Phase 1, we will be able to attract more people in their 20s, 30s and 40s within our community who desperately need to hear about our loving, forgiving, merciful Savior. While we are committed to reaching all people, we recognize the unique role that children and their parents play in church growth. Creating a safe, fun and welcoming children’s building is a key step in reaching younger generations and their children.

(3) What does this new Master Facility Plan include?

Phase One will provide a much-needed two-story facility for all of our children, from infants to sixth-grade. In a culture that no longer acknowledges moral absolutes, we think the Lord would be honored by putting our best efforts into training our children. This new ministry space will replace the old buildings on the north end of our campus, and create a safe and unified area where all our children can grow in their love and knowledge of Christ, so they can shine brightly for Him in our community.

For starters, we want to provide a safe, user-friendly location for our children to learn about our loving Savior and to make lifetime commitments to Christ. Currently, parents must travel around the campus, from the Nursery to the Education Center to the Faith Kids elementary rooms, to drop off and pick up their children. While we have amazing kids programs, the difficulty of finding one’s way from one classroom to another can be discouraging for young families
(Psalm 78:5-7).

Phase one would also include modifying Parking Lot A and adding a stoplight at Encino and East 17/Felicita. While the City of Escondido has requested the stoplight, we are happy to create a safer intersection for our attendees and neighbors.

Phase Two will address our need for more relational space where we can connect with each other -- laughing, sharing, praying, learning and encouraging each other. Our hope is to create sufficient space where anyone from our church family and local community can gather, feel welcome and find fellowship with others.

Courtyard headerWe’ll be expanding the Courtyard, the Café and the Worship Center foyer and, yes, we’ll be giving the interior of the Worship Center a face lift, as well! In order to create more space in the Courtyard, we will remove the offices at the east end of the Worship Center. This will allow us to create a visible main office reception area on the north side of the Education Center with easy access to the Courtyard. Many of the remaining children’s rooms in the Education Center and Nursery will be renovated into convenient, first-floor adult classrooms. In addition, the offices that were in the east end of the Worship Center will be moved to the second floor of the Education Center.

(4) What is the projected timeline for these projects?

We are hoping to begin preparing for the new children's building at the end of 2016, with the goal of having it ready for the children to start using in the spring of 2018, at the latest. We pray that we could save money by rolling right into Phase Two (expanding our Courtyard, Café and Worship Center Foyer, while moving the Education Center's adult classrooms downstairs) after completing Phase One, which includes the Children's Building. Our hope and desire is to complete Phases One and Two around the year 2020.

(5) Why start with a children’s building, and why not just renovate the current children’s buildings?

Ministry iconOur current buildings in the north end of our campus were built in the early 1970s at the same time as our Worship Center. These are among the oldest buildings on campus, and for many years we have been working hard on the upkeep of these small, separated buildings, where we battle with flooding, leaking and general deterioration. Beginning with the children’s building allows us to start fresh, creating a safe, welcoming and convenient place for our children to grow in their love for the Lord. A new, two-story ministry space designed for infants to sixth-graders will centralize our Faith Kids ministries in one secure, enclosed environment. This alleviates the frustration parents have of dropping off babies and toddlers in the nursery; then 3s, 4s and 5s in the Education Center and backside of the nursery; then taking elementary students to the children’s buildings half way across the campus.

Having one enclosed area with secure play areas will allow us to maintain a safe environment for each precious child that God brings to us. In addition, both floors will include large multipurpose rooms, where children can come together for worship and special presentations. This new facility will create a more inviting atmosphere for new children and their parents. (See also Q&A 6.)

(6) How will the money spent on the children’s ministry space increase our impact locally and globally?

At Emmanuel Faith, we are committed to global and local outreach, and will continue to grow these efforts. We believe God will use each of the Master Facility phases to increase our reach into our community and even around the world. Take the first phase, for example. Providing a safe and welcoming place for children to enjoy learning about God and growing in the Scriptures impacts our community in several ways:

  • CHILDREN BRING OTHER CHILDREN AND THEIR FAMILIES. Children naturally invite their friends to the many fun activities at church. When new families attend now, they might be reluctant to drop off their children, due to the possible safety hazards of not having a secure, enclosed area for the elementary students, as well as the inconvenience of having the nursery, early childhood and elementary students spread throughout our campus. Having an attractive, safe and welcoming two-story children’s building will help new parents feel comfortable allowing their children to attend church. Hopefully, the parents will begin attending church as well.
  • CHILDREN ARE CONNECTED TO THE COMMUNITY. By raising up godly young children that have a heart to honor God by living like Jesus, we’ll spread God’s love throughout our schools, youth sports teams, and other family and youth activities. This will multiply our impact for Christ throughout our community. When entire families begin attending our church, that impact on our community is multiplied!
  • CHILDREN NEED TO HEAR THE GOSPEL. As we work with off-campus ministries — like our own Bridge Ministry — we need to provide a safe, welcoming and convenient environment where we can share the Good News with children who do not yet know Christ.
  • CHILDREN CAN GROW UP TO HAVE AN EVEN GREATER IMPACT FOR CHRIST. Many of our current Global Outreach Workers grew up in our children’s programs and have gone on to share God’s love with people around the globe. With our new children’s facilities, we’ll be able to have Global Outreach Workers share with more students at the same time, thus maximizing our children’s opportunities to be inspired by our church-supported missionaries.

(7) What ministries will be relocated during the construction time?

No matter what projects are happening on our campus, we are committed to maintaining a high level of Christ-honoring ministry for all ages and stages of life. For Phase One, our ministry teams have been working together to find a positive solution for our children to learn about Christ in a safe and engaging manner, even while their new facility is under construction. CLICK HERE to see where the elementary children's classes have moved. This relocation should only last for 12-18 months. In Phase Two, we hope to minimize any temporary ministry relocation by renovating the downstairs Education Center, prior to relocating classes and fellowships from upstairs to more convenient rooms downstairs.

(8) How will this impact the Adult Ministries?

Once the Nursery and Early Childhood classes are relocated to the new two-story children’s building, the vacated rooms will be renovated to create centrally located, easily accessible classrooms. During the construction phase, some of our adult ministries and fellowships might be temporarily relocated. However, once Phase One is completed, a lot of useable space for other ministries will become available, where we can reach more people for Christ and GROW, CONNECT and SHARE more effectively.

(9) Why do we need Phase Two, expanding the Courtyard, Café and Worship Center foyer?

As we strive to honor God by living like Jesus, we desire to help people Connect with Christ and with others, Grow in God’s Word and prayer, and Share by serving both on our church campus and within our community. Phase Two gives us more space to connect with and minister to others, as well as to grow spiritually and serve others (Ephesians 4:16). As you walk by the Courtyard, through the Worship Center Foyer and in the Café on a weekend or Wednesday night, you’ll see the space filled with people laughing together, having deep conversations, studying the Scriptures together, and praying together. Being able to provide open areas where ministry can happen is important to us. We don't want people walking away from a connecting opportunity because there was't a place for them. In these essential connecting, growing and sharing moments is where we encourage each other and help each other grow closer to Christ and learn to share God’s love with others in our local and global community.

(10) How will the projects be funded?

The Board of Elders has estimated that the financial need for Phases 1 and 2 of the Master Facility Plan will be about $24 million. Phase 1 includes the new Children’s Center, which costs about $14 million, as well as the required campus related improvements. The goal is to meet this financial need over a 3 year giving period, ending December 2019.

Please join us in praying that God will provide the necessary finances as we seek to go "Beyond" in training our family, serving our community and changing the world. As God prompts you to pledge and participate, please visit www.efcc.org/giving-beyond. If you have questions, please email Pastor Greg Lane at [email protected] or the Elder Board Chairman Werner Jacobsen at [email protected].

(11) How will the church body be asked to participate?

First and foremost we hope that each person, from pre-school age on up, will pray for God's wisdom, direction and provision in this project. This is a faith journey for all of us to trust Him together, and we are thankful that we are doing this as a united body of Christ. We are looking forward to experiencing with you how God will answer these prayers! Throughout this journey, we will keep our church family informed of the progress, prayer needs and answers to prayer.

staff photoThe fall of 2016, Pastor Dennis preached about "Beyond!" ... the call of God to go beyond ... to a deeper personal faith and a greater corporate impact as a church family for Jesus Christ. Click here to view those sermons. We have pledge cards available as a simple and, if you choose, anonymous way of communicating how you believe God would have you participate financially over the three years of this corporate effort. It is between you and God, not a promise to EFCC. However, such information about your regular giving plans over this three-year process, along with initial one-time donations, will help us budget in a way that honors God.

If God is prompting you to begin donating, you may do so by designating your gift for the "Beyond Fund," which will be used exclusively for developing our new ministry space related to the MFP. Click here to donate online or mail a check to EFCC with "Beyond Fund" in the note field to:

Emmanuel Faith Community Church
Attn: Accounting
639 E. 17 Ave.
Escondido, CA, 92025

Do you have additional questions or comments? Please see below for the appropriate contact:

Building and Finance Questions? Please contact EFCC’s Chief Operations Officer Jim North at [email protected].

Ministry and Vision Questions? Please contact Pastor Greg Lane at [email protected].

The fall of 2016, we’re looking forward to Pastor Dennis preaching about “Beyond” … the call of God to go beyond … to a deeper personal faith and a greater corporate impact as a church family for Jesus Christ. There will be a strong focus in the first phase on training our children.  Thus, Beyond’s primary application point will be funding the Master Facility Plan. You will be invited to pray and discover what the Lord would have you do financially. Then starting October 22, 2016, we will all bring our pledge cards together. A pledge card is a simple and, if you choose, anonymous way of communicating how you believe God would have you participate financially over the three years of this corporate effort. It is between you and God, not a promise to EFCC. However, such information about your regular giving plans over this three-year process, along with initial one-time donations, will help us budget in a way that honors God.

If God is prompting you to begin donating, you may do so by designating your gift to the “Beyond Fund.” The “Building Fund” now has a name, the “Beyond Fund,” and will be used exclusively for developing our new ministry space related to the MFP.