A Note From Pastor Dennis Keating

I am thrilled that God has led Ryan to agree to be the candidate for the Lead Pastor position at EFCC and whole heartedly endorse him! Here’s why…

HIS CHARACTER: God’s grace has developed in Ryan a deep love for the Lord Jesus that shows through his personal devotion and passionate heart. It has also created in Ryan a humility that impacts his approach to life. He stays low before the Lord.

HIS FAMILY: He has proven that his roles as husband and father come first in his life. He leads by serving. I really like that about him.  

HIS MINISTRY: God continues to use Ryan to grow fruitful ministries. Specifically, God has gifted him to be an effective and passionate teacher of the word! He’s a critical thinker, committed to actively engaging the unsaved and “unchurched” in discussion about the Lord. He’s actively involved in global outreach. He has extensive leadership experience, honed by both success and disappointment, that will help him know what to do and what not to do! He has all these while possessing a shepherd’s heart that genuinely cares for others.  

For these and many other reasons, I wholeheartedly endorse him as the New Lead Pastor of EFCC.