KidsGamesKidsGames is back this summer at Emmanuel Faith Community Church in Escondido!

DATES: June 25-29, from 9am-Noon daily!
THEME: Time Travel Tours
COST: $40 / participant
QUESTIONS? Contact or (760) 781-2104

CLICK HERE for K-2nd Grade Registration  |  CLICK HERE for 3rd-6th Grade Registration
Click here to see a listing of classes offered (creative arts, sports and samplers). 

KidsGames is an arts and sports-themed vacation Bible camp for kids going into Kindergarten through 6th grade in the fall. Kids going into K-2nd grade will be able to select either an arts or sports track, while kids entering 3rd-6th grade will choose one elective from a wide variety of arts, science and sports classes.

Receive Text Messages About KidsGames  

If you would like to receive text messages about KidsGames prior to and during KidsGames week, click here to sign up. (Depending on your individual text messaging plan, additional charges may apply.)

Creative Arts Classes

Our 3rd-6th grade Arts Classes will feature: 3D art animation (5th & 6th grades only), arts & crafts, cooking (not for those with food allergies/restrictions), doodle art, hand bells, music choreography, miniature gardens, photography (4th-6th grades only), weird science, and woodworking. CLICK HERE to view a full description of all the class offerings.

Sports Classes

For the 3rd-6th grade KidsGames Sports we will offer: archery, basketball, cheerleading, fencing (4th-6th grade only), flag football, gymnastics, karate, and soccer. CLICK HERE to view a full description of the class offerings.

Kindergarten-2nd Grade Samplers

Younger children in grades K-2nd will be able to choose either an Arts or Sports sampler which includes five activities set on a rotating schedule (they will participate in one event a day). The Art sampler classes will include arts & crafts, little kids cooking (food allergens present), music, watercolor, and weird science. The Sports sampler will feature basketball, football, gymnastics, karate, and soccer.

Cost & Registration Info

You can register online, or in person at EFCC in the Faith Kids office or in the Courtyard during registration weekends. Popular tracks will fill up faster, so don't delay!

ALLERGY NOTE: During KidsGames, we will be serving the following snacks: Cheez-Its Crackers, Goldfish Crackers, Rice Krispy Treats, Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Ritz Handi Snacks Crackers n' Cheese. If your child cannot eat any of these snacks, please bring an alternate snack, labeled with your child's name, and give it to your child's small group leader.

Click a link below to register online for KidsGames!

CLICK HERE for K-2nd Grade  |  CLICK HERE for 3rd-6th Grade

Many Volunteers Are Needed

Over 400 volunteers are needed to make KidsGames happen! CLICK HERE to sign up to help serve . If you have children younger than Kindergarten, they can participate in our SonGames program while you help at KidsGames.