Letters of Devotion

Letters of Devotion to God

On the weekend of January 30/31, Pastor Greg Lane gave a challenge to the EFCC congregation in his message, (Re)Build My Devotion as we finished our recent (Re)Build My Life sermon series.

Using the passage of Nehemiah 9:38, Pastor Lane encouraged all of us who call Emmanuel Faith home to write a letter of sacred devotion to the Lord. This would be a letter or similar document that simply declares your love and loyalty to Him. After we collect those letters, we’ll be placing them in a “time capsule” of sorts, located in the heart of our Worship Center.

If you’d like to participate, just drop off your letter at the church’s front office, or after an on-campus worship service, or mail them in during the coming weeks. The letters will be placed in the vault later this spring. Important note: Please do not place other notes to church staff or offerings in with your letters. All offerings and gifts should go into the available donation boxes only. Thank you!

If you are mailing your letter in, it can be mailed to:
Emmanuel Faith Community Church
Attn: Letters to God
639 E. 17th Ave.
Escondido, CA 92025