From Seminars Held March 3, 10, 17, & 24, 2019

EFCC Chapel

Contact: John Riley, (760) 781-2205

colorful housesAre you confused by or uncertain of how to respond to gender-sexuality-identity conversations? Please refer to this four-week series, held in March of 2019, which was led by Pastors John Riley, Seth Redden and Ryan Lunde.

The material presented will help you become informed so you can discuss this issue based on God’s love, truth, wisdom, and grace. All class outline notes and message audios are posted below.

Featured topics include:

Session 1: Bridge Building (from March 3, 2019)
  + Outline (PDF) | Audio file (mp3)

Session 2: Our Minds (from March 10, 2019)
  + Outline (PDF) | Audio file (mp3)

Session 3: Pragmatics (from March 17, 2019)
  + Outline (PDF) | Audio file (mp3)

Session 4: Proper Biblical Understanding (from March 24, 2019)
  + Outline (PDF) | Audio file (mp3)