These are the programs that EFCC's Living Free in Christ ministry is now offering: Grace Course (summer class), Truths That Transform, Discipleship Journey, and the recently offered Unstuck Seminar. Please scroll down to see all class and group listings.

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Truths That Transform

Thursdays, Sept. 5, 2019 - March 19, 2020
7-9 p.m., Education Center, Room 22

Main class teachers: Greg Schmid, Diane Geller, & Sharon Chapman
Class contacts: Sharon Chapman, or Cherryl Early, (760) 781-2108

Cost for Materials: $25 (cost may be less if you already own the Neil Anderson books, Victory Over the Darkness, and/or The Bondage Breaker).

Do you sometimes feel insignificant, unaccepted or insecure? What difference would it make in your relationships and in your daily struggles if you were sure that you are significant, accepted and secure because of your identity in Christ? Learn to see yourself as Jesus sees you! Come to the Truths That Transform small group for men and women to consider foundational biblical truths for living a fulfilling, satisfying and productive Christian life. These truths will bring victory and joy amidst your daily struggles.


Registration will open soon for the 2019-2020 session. Please check back later.

Ministry iconDiscipleship Journey Classes

For Men and Women

Have you been hurt in ways that are still affecting your life? Or have you developed behaviors that have hindered your Christian growth? You can't change your past, but you can be free from its effects. See yourself as God sees you. This life-changing course will help you identify and overcome what's negative in your life.

Course cost is $20 for the participant's guide.

Class contact: Sharon Chapman, (760) 781-2108

Next class to be announced.

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