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- Emmanuel Faith Community Church website shows the numerous ministries and opportunities for spiritual growth at EFCC. - Find Bible verses by verse, key words, subject matter, etc. Numerous Bible translations are available at this site. - Bible Study Tools - Discount book and Bible supplies - Biblical teachings from Dr. D. James Kennedy. This ministry offers Biblical insights into many current events. On TV Sunday 7:00 AM, Channel 13 - David Barton’s website for America’s Christian heritage and history including thousands of historical documents. - Hank Hannegraff’s website has numerous seminary level articles and CD’s showing insights into the Bible. He is on radio programs nationwide as “The Bible Answer Man.” - Doug Smith’s discipleship website with numerous excellent Christian insights. - Dr. J. Vernon McGee teaches a 5-year program thru the entire Bible - John McArthur is an excellent Biblical teacher and is on numerous radio stations. - Seminary level ministry with articles, audio and video messages. Dr. R.C. Sproul is on the radio across the nation. - Dr. James Dobson helps families from a Biblical perspective. Their radio program is broadcast around the world. - Dr. Del Tackett’s website for teaching a Biblical worldview, sponsored by Focus on the Family. - Dr. Charles Stanley is an excellent Biblical teacher and is broadcast on numerous radio programs. - Dr. David Jeremiah is an excellent Bible teacher from El Cajon. His radio program is on national radio. - Dr. Billy Graham’s evangelical website.

Pastor Dennis Keating - Sermon Messages page - EFCC web site

Spiritual Gold - - Online preaching ministry of Dr. Richard Strauss, former paster of EFCC

Man in The Mirror - - A great resource for men

Authentic Manhood - - The parent organization of the "Men's Fraternity Classic" curriculum, headed by Dr. Robert Lewis. Features The Quest for Authentic Manhood, Winning at Work and Home, and The Great Adventure, Raising a Modern Day Knight, and much more.


      Disciplines of a Godly Man - Kent Hughes
      The Mentor Leader - Tony Dungy
      Love To Pray - Alvin Vandergriend
      A Patriot's History of the United States - Larry Schweikart & Michael Patrick Allen