Women's Mentoring

Ever wished you had a personal coach to help you grow spiritually? Or have someone you could talk to one-on-one about the challenges of living life according to God’s Word? The Mentoring Ministry can help you find an experienced mentor. We also may provide training for women who want to develop their ability to mentor others.

 Susan Wolking, (858) 442-0811

Military Wives

Wives of military and service members share a unique set of circumstances due to deployments and duty station changes. We would love to connect you with ladies who understand the challenges you may face as a service member wife.

Contact: [email protected], (760) 781-2245


Surrendering the Secret video series

If you or someone you know has the pain of an abortion in their past, please consider this video series. Come learn you're not alone, you're forgiven, you can learn to forgive, and maybe become a blessing and a friend to someone else walking this same journey. Studies are held in a confidential setting.

 Tammy DeArmas, (760) 212-2197