Worldview and Apologetics

EFCC has both worldview and apologetics classes. It's important to note the different approaches of each. The worldview classes teach believers to embrace a holistic view of Christianity that touches upon every aspect of one's life. They show how Christianity best fits with reality by reasoning philosophically from the Bible, science, and culture. So, worldview classes provide the big picture. Apologetics comes alongside this approach by providing more specific evidences, argumentation, and tactics for various topics that a believer might discuss with a non-believer.

The following are some areas that can be approached through apologetics:

Abortion, America -- history and Christian origins, Atheism -- challenging the new atheists, Bible -- history/archeology/authority/reliability/translations/canon/literature of, Christianity -- unfair attacks on it/history of the church, Creation/Evolution/Intelligent Design, Cults/Sects -- Jehovah's Witnesses/Mormonism, Doctrines and False Teaching/, Faith -- biblical definition, God -- existence of, Heaven and Hell, Homosexuality, Jesus -- life and teachings/Jesus Seminar/Resurrection, Marriage, Miracles -- possibility of, Postmodernism (current aesthetic, literary, social, political philosophy), Problem of Evil, Relativism -- lack of absolute truth, Religions of the World, Science and Christianity, Substance Dualism -- existence of the soul, Tactics in Defending the Faith, Textual Criticism, Tolerance, Trinity, Women -- role in society and the church, Worldviews.

Here's several links to topics and subjects that you might find of interest:

The Problem of Evil:

Cults / Religions / Worldviews (misc.): 

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New-age Religion:

Jehovah’s Witnesses:


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Mind/Body Dualism:

The Reliability of the Gospels:


Atheism and Christianity:

The Gospel of Thomas and Other Extra Gospels: 

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General Apologetics

To access various Greg Koukl articles, essays, audios, videos, podcasts, blogs, including Solid Ground, please visit the following page (various links available):

Science and Christianity:

The Bible:

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