We're excited that you are considering getting married at Emmanuel Faith! The EFCC Wedding Team is committed to doing the best job possible to make your special day run as smoothly, safely and succinctly as possible. It is our intention to communicate well and provide information to you that will help you understand what it is that we do and what services we are able and not able to perform. Whether your event is a whole wedding, wedding plus reception, or just a reception, we look forward to helping you with your planning.

Those wishing to be married at Emmanuel Faith will need to attend our Premarital (or Remarriage) class, and meet with a church pastor for counseling prior to making a wedding date at the church. More information on this process is available through our Care & Counseling Dept. at (760) 781-2108, or via email.

For more information about weddings at Emmanuel Faith, venue costs, scheduling, and more, please call the main church office at (760) 745-2541, or email us. Thank you.