Veteran-in-FallujahVETERANS, WE SALUTE YOU!

Veterans Helping Veterans

Americans owe a great debt to all our Veterans who are Active, Reserve, Retired, National Guard & Discharged. God has blessed us with a great and free land preserved by the sacrifice of so many since the beginning of our nation. EFCC has an active ministry group for Veterans which honors God by serving Veterans through prayer, resource, support and fellowship.

We invite all Veterans to connect with our group as we will continue to Honor God as we seek to be followers of Jesus as American Veterans! Learn more about our ministry below.

For More Information

Honoring God by Connecting with and serving Veterans.

OUR MISSION: Ministering to Veterans to help meet their spiritual and non-spiritual needs.


Church: Honoring God by Living Like Jesus (anchored in EFCC's 2020 Vision)

Faith: As Veterans we want to be spiritual centurions (Matt. 8:5-13)

Our Service: Connecting with Veterans, connecting Veterans to resources, connecting Veterans with Jesus, and connecting Veterans to serve others.

Commitment: We are Veterans supporting Veterans.

Country: We pray for our (local and national) leaders. Veterans, their families and we support our nation with prayer.

Veterans-ministrySupport We Can Provide:

NEW! Pray for our military families! Use the following list to pray for our EFCC active military families right here on our Veteran's page.

CLICK HERE to access the prayer list now (updated monthly, and also available weekly in print format in the Worship Center foyer).

Vet to Vet Meetings and Prayer: Sometimes you just need someone to listen.

Connection with Emmanuel Faith Community Church ministries:
Employment Help: Crossroads at EFCC

Contact: Fred & Gayle Folbrecht, (760) 781-2108

Marriage & Family Help
Care & Counseling Dept.
Cherryl Early, (760) 781-2108

Off-site Monthly Gathering
1st Saturday of each month, 8:30 a.m.*
Charlie's Restaurant (see group photo below)
210 N. Ivy St., Escondido, CA 92025

Contact: Tom Thies, (760) 781-2147