Set Free

Set Free, EFCC’s Christ-centered recovery ministry, has resumed on-campus meetings. We are meeting at 6:30 p.m. in the Youth Center, Young Adults Room, 2nd Floor.

Important Group Changes to Note

In this season of the COVID-19 virus, we have some important changes to let you know about. Our new meeting location, the Young Adults Room, is located at the southern end of the church campus.

We all are required to wear face masks. We will be keeping to the social distancing policy. There will not be snacks and beverages available, but you can bring your own beverage if you want. If you are feeling ill, please wait until you are feeling better before you join us.

Set Free Small Groups

For the small groups afterward, please bring a lawn chair because the groups may be meeting outdoors in the parking lot or on our athletic field. Face masks and social distancing are still required in the group. The lights will be on and security folks will be watching over the groups (from a distance).

We know that all this is not optimum, but we also know that our Heavenly Father doesn’t need optimum to do His great work of healing and setting people free!

Key Contact: Kathy Moratto
(760) 781-2108