EFCC EldersAt Emmanuel Faith Community Church (EFCC), we have an exciting and rich history of God's blessings and guidance through our 80 years of existence. Various church leaders and men of God have led our church through transitions and change over the years in regard to things like church doctrine, statements of faith, studying the Scriptures to discern God's leading, and the solid, biblical teaching of the Word. It is on this rich, strong and storied foundation that we continue to live for Christ and push forward the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into a new decade.

With that in mind, after several years of preliminary discussion by members of the Board of Elders, early in 2019 the Elder Board initiated a review of our current Statement of Faith. As in previous revisions, the purpose was to consider how we might refresh our doctrinal statement to more clearly express the truths of Scripture that would help guide and guard the direction of EFCC.

The Board charged an initial committee to "study, review and possibly update" our Statement. This committee spent the better part of the year studying and dialoguing with the Board. At the culmination of their work in July of this past year, the Board received both an essentialized and a refreshed proposed version based on our existing Statement’s format of 11 Sections.

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Simultaneously, the Board was involved in the search for a new Lead Pastor. The decision was made to hold off on any recommendation to refresh the Statement until the new Lead Pastor was in place to ensure that we were recruiting under the existing Statement and allowed for revision with input from the new Lead Pastor.

On September 3, 2019, the Elder Board charged a new "Statement of Faith Committee" to unanimously bring back a "proposed revision to Emmanuel Faith's Statement of Faith" that was both clear and scripturally accurate. The Board was careful not to suggest that any of our currently held positions are incorrect. The Committee was charged to use the Scriptures as their main guide while taking advantage of the work that already had been done, reviewing other orthodox statements and consulting with like-minded evangelical theologians.

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The Statement of Faith Committee has been operating with the commitment to use the very words of Scripture whenever possible and to ensure that anyone who signed our current Statement would also be able to sign the refreshed version. At the Quarterly Meeting on January 26, 2020, the Board and members of the Committee gave an update of their work and the process. We invite you to pray for God to give discernment to all involved.

Rich Bell
Chairman of the Board of Elders

Rich Geary
Chairman of the Statement of Faith Committee

Statement of Faith Committee Members (for 2020 Revision)

Rich Bell, Chairman of the EFCC Board of Elders
Matt D., EFCC Elder Board Member
Lynette Fuson, Director of Women’s Ministries
Rich Geary, Chairman of the Statement of Faith Committee
Greg Lane, Pastor of Life Stages
Ryan Paulson, Lead Pastor
Esteban Tapia, Pastor of Spanish-language Ministries

If you have questions about the current process, would like to provide insights or feedback, or talk to someone, feel free to email us at: [email protected].

For More Information

The following documents will provide a little more info into the current process for considering revisions to the existing Emmanuel Faith Statement of Faith, as well as a timeline guide. Click a link below for more details.

Timeline for Changes and Revisions to the Statement of Faith

Current Process for Consideration of a Statement of Faith Revision (PDF)

Why We're Considering a Revision of the EFCC Statement of Faith (PDF)

Current EFCC Statement of Faith (PDF)