Bible Study Tools
Blue Letter Bible - An interactive online reference library that is continuously updated with teaching, commentaries, Bible versions, and Greek reference numbers with definitions. Bible Gateway - A tool for reading and researching scripture online with over 50 translations.The Gospel Coalition - A GREAT and extensive resource for sermons, articles, book reviews, interviews and blogs. This is also a tool to search for information on theological topics. 

Stand to Reason - A well respected apologetics site that provides articles, audio teachings, and video teachings. It's a great resource.  
Ravi Zacharias - Ravi is one of the leading thinkers in modern apologetics. We highly recommend his podcast and the articles on his site.
EFCC Apologetics Ministry pages - We have an extensive Apologetics section on our EFCC web site. See the link for more details.

For Your Phone
YouVersion - A great mobile Bible resource that is completely free! This is compatible with multiple different platforms.
Logos - A free, stripped down version of one of the best Bible programs that you can purchase for your computer. (It costs over $1000 for the computer software!)
ESV Bible - A great free translation that allows you to access the ESV translation of the Bible on your mobile device whether you have internet access or not.

Spiritual Gifts Assessment
Online Spiritual Gifts Assessment - There aren't a ton of great spiritual gifts assessments out there, but this is of the best ones that we have found online. We'd encourage you to use it as a way to explore how God has gifted you so that you can use your spiritual gifts to build up the church.

Counseling and Emotional Health
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality - A great tool for pairing emotional health with your walk with Christ.  Offers resources for pastors and small group leaders.
Cloud Townsend - An online video resource that gives emotionally healthy ways to deal with common life issues such as goals, relationships, leadership, emotional struggles, and spiritual life.

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