There are several great ways to share your gifts and abilities. Maybe one of these opportunities is perfect for you!


Volunteering at thewell (Sunday nights)

Setup/Welcome Team: Contact Us
Help transform the amphitheater and courtyard for theWELL every Sunday night to make our place of worship warm and inviting, and make people feel like they belong and matter.

Worship/Tech Team: Contact Us
If you play an instrument or sing, or if you're interested in running lights or sound, set up a time to meet for the worship team.  We'd love to have you be a part of the musical worship at theWELL.

We pray every week before theWell at 6:30pm.  Feel free to join us and let us know how we can be praying for you.

Other opportunities

Events Team: Contact Us with any ideas
We want the events that we do at theWELL to be fun for the people who go and you, the students, come up with way better ideas than we do! If you are interested in planning and running events that help people connect, let us know!

Community Groups: Contact Us for more information
As you can see from our Community groups page many of our groups are lead by students.  If you would like to lead, host, or just want to know more about groups, feel free to ask!