Get to know some of the best minds in the field. Most are current while some have passed away. They range from world-class philosophers and thinkers to Internet and radio apologists. But all have made an impact with their works and ministries. They are in alphabetical order. (This is not a comprehensive list; many theologians and church fathers have been left off.)

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Kerby Anderson - Head of Probe ministries
John Ankerberg - Founder of Ankerberg Theological Research Institute
Ken Boa - relational evangelism, discipleship, apologetics
Krista Bontrager - theologian, scholar communications director for Reasons Institute
Robert Bowman - noted apologetics and theology teacher (Biola)
Justin Brierley - host of Unbelievable? on Premier Christian Radio, UK
Charlie Campbell - head of
Alisa (Girard) Childers - blogger, speaker
Paul Copan - Philosophy and ethics; apologist and author
William Lane Craig - philosopher, theologian, apologist; debater par excellence
Natasha Crain - national speaker, author of three books, blogger
William Dembski - philosopher of science and mathematician; ID theorist
Lenny Esposito - founder of ComeReason apologetics ministry
Phil Fernandes - Christian philosopher, apologist, debater with audio resources
Hillary Morgan Ferrer - founder of Mama Bear Apologetics, author of an upcoming book
Norman Geisler - prolific author of over 70 books; Classical apologist
R. Douglas Geivett - Professor of Philosophy Talbot Department of Philosophy / Biola
Douglas Groothuis - Christian philosopher, author, teacher (blog archives)
Gary Habermas - the world's foremost expert on the resurrection of Jesus
Ken Ham - young Earth creationist involved with Creation Museum.
Hank Hanegraaff - today's Bible Answer Man
Craig Hazen - director of Biola's Christian Apologetics program
Timothy Keller - urban pastor, author and apologist
Greg Koukl - apologist and president of Stand to Reason
Peter Kreeft - professor of philosophy at Boston College, noted apologist
John Lennox - philosopher of science, mathematician, Oxford debater of Dawkins
C.S. Lewis - famous author, lecturer, apologist; Narnia books, Mere Christianity
Mike Licona - historian and apologist; authority on the resurrection of Jesus
Paul Little - late apologist and author noted for his simple style and easy communication
Josh McDowell - famous for Evidence that Demands a Verdict
Sean McDowell - worldview youth minister / itinerant apologist
Alex McFarland - itinerant apologist targeting young people, teens
Alister McGrath - Oxford professor of theology, author and opponent of new atheism
J.P. Moreland - Christian philosopher, noted author, apologist
David Noebel - founder of Summit Ministries and worldview apologist
Holly Ordway - author, professor of English and member of faculty for online M.A. in Apologetics at Houston Baptist University
Amy Orr-Ewing - senior vice president with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, joint director of Oxford Centre for Christian apologetics, speaker
Nancy Pearcey - called “America’s preeminent evangelical Protestant female intellectual,” author, professor at Houston Baptist University
Alvin Plantinga - world-class philosopher; reformed epistemology, philosophy of religion
Doug Powell - excellent multimedia apologist at SelflessDefense
Ron Rhodes - author and apologist founder of Reasoning from the Scriptures
Mark D. Roberts - pastor, author, speaker, blogger. Emphasis in NT / Gospels
Mary Jo Sharp - speaker, author, professor at Houston Baptist University
Hugh Ross - astrophysicist apologist and old Earth creationist; founder Reasons to Believe
Matt Slick - founder of with extensive apologetics encyclopedia
R.C. Sproul - notable theologian, author, and classical apologist
Laurie Stewart - attorney, event speaker, founder of Intelligent Faith
Lee Strobel - journalist famous for his Case for Christ series of books; popular apologist
Melissa Cain Travis - author, professor of Christian apologetics at Houston Baptist University
Frank Turek - itinerant apologist and founder of CrossExamined; debated Hitchens
J. Warner Wallace - cold case detective, pastor, and apologist with extensive web site
James White - theologian, author, prolific debater, and reformed apologist
Dallas Willard - Christian philosopher; notable works in philosophy, discipleship
N.T. Wright - retired Bishop of Durham; notable work on the resurrection
Ravi Zacharias -perhaps today's most notable international cultural apologist

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