Townhall Meetings

Upcoming Town Hall Info Meetings

Here are some upcoming town hall meetings you can attend for more information ahead of our Sunday, October 25, Annual Meeting (4pm at EFCC) where our members will vote on the proposed new Statement of Faith. Events will be available to view online as well for those unable to attend in person. CLICK HERE to view online.

Town Hall Meetings Via Video

On-Campus Town Hall Meetings (Sundays)

October 4, 2020 (Sunday at 10:15am in the Family Center – Gym)
On October 4 we’ll cover Sections 6-11.

(On September 27, we covered the Preamble and Sections 1-5.)

Statement of Faith Process and History

If you would like more detailed information on our process and history of our Statement of Faith, CLICK HERE to view some documents that existed previously on our web site. Click here to view the full document of our current statement of faith. Click here to view our proposed statement of faith.

Call to Prayer & Fasting

October 21, 2020 (Wednesday at 6:30pm, in Family Center – Gym)
A day of fasting followed by a prayer time that evening. More details to come.

For Questions or More Info

Do you have any questions or do you want more information? Send us an email at: [email protected].