Hi Church Family! How are you doing? We miss you and pray for your health and peace during this unique time in history.

If you’re a health professional, know that we are praying that God pours out his wisdom, protection and strength on you every day.

If any of you have a specific prayer request, please email us at [email protected]. Our staff is privileged to pray for you. If you need help during this difficult time, please fill out THIS FORM and let us know.

This weekend, join us for an interactive church experience, where you can chat with others, ask for prayer, sing along with the worship band, and hear Pastor Ryan Paulson encourage us to focus on our blessings instead of our burdens.

Our service times are Saturday at 5:30 pm and Sunday at 8, 9:30 & 11 am. CLICK HERE to join us for church this weekend from the comfort of your own home!

To encourage your hearts throughout the week, we also have daily devotionals to coordinate with the sermon. CLICK HERE to receive the devotionals by email.

The Church Online staff has been working hard all week to stabilize the platform. So if you had trouble tuning in last week, please try again this weekend! Below are some tips to optimize your weekend service experience.

• The connection is best with an updated browser and strong internet connection. Chrome and FireFox work best. 
• Sing along with worship! Even if it’s just you and your cat, make a joyful noise unto the Lord!
• There’s a chat bar on the right side where you can connect with each other along with a pastor/director. But if you’d rather watch it full screen and not see the chat bar, that’s good, too!
• Private prayer is available during the service times by clicking on the “prayer” button. 
• The sermon outline is available at efcc.online.church in the notes section or on our Sermons page.
• The sermon also will be available on our YouTube channel, on our Sermons page, and during the week on efcc.online.church
• If you or someone you know has trouble viewing the sermon and needs a DVD, email the mailing address to [email protected] or call (760) 745-2541. (We’ll waive the cost, while we can’t meet in person.)
• So we can “see” each other in community, if you’re on Instagram, post on your Story a picture of what church looks like for you and tag @emmanuelfaithchurch. We love seeing all your creativity, families, coffee – and breakfasts! For Facebook or other social media outlets, use the hashtag #efccsocial.