By Dennis Keating, Senior Pastor

Beyond with taglines
Why in the world would the Lord ever ask us to embark on the construction of Phases 1 & 2 of our Master Facility Plan when it's so expensive and time consuming? 

Those were my very questions a few years back when the topic first came up. To say I was "resistant" is a bit of an understatement. But my sense of the Lord's will began to change to where I'm now convinced this is exactly what He wants us to do! Here's why:

 1. He's calling us to look "beyond" ourselves and our present ministries to what He wants to do in the future to fulfill our 2020 vision! There are more people to reach in our community, and these planned facilities are tools to help us do just that!

2. We are in a battle for our kids' minds and souls as our culture has rejected the Scriptures as absolute truth and, as a result, is growing more and more morally dark. Our children and youth need our best efforts, resources and technologies to be trained in the Holy Scriptures. We cannot lose this fight.

3. In a day and age where children are trafficked, we must create a more secure environment for our children. Parents will only entrust their kids to us if they're sure our facilities are safe. Having one large building with only one primary entrance for all is one of our highest priorities.

4. Children and Youth ministries are "growth triggers" for the whole church as parents tend to go anywhere their children/grandchildren are being ministered to. In our history, it's why we built the children facilities first on this campus; it's why we paid cash for our Youth Center. It's why we built Mission Hills Church with a preschool. It's why we've included an EFCC Preschool in this facility. When we reach kids, both from within our church family and in our local community, we tend to also reach their families as well.

5. Most every building on our present campus is old, confusing (especially if children are involved) and, in some places, in need of significant work! We've maintained them for as long as we can, but the maintenance expense doesn't make sense any more. Something new needs to be constructed that is safe, efficient and visitor-friendly.

6. It finally dawned on me, "We're not building only for the present; but primarily for the future." We have new ministry dreams and need additional training space for Spanish-language Ministries, future church plants, and whatever other ministries the Lord has in store for us.

Won't you join me in asking the Lord what He wants you and your family to do to be part of this ministry?