One of the most important aspects of biblical worship we desperately need to recover today is a passionate, scripturally informed exaltation of Jesus Christ and his redemptive work.
Bob Kauflin, in Worship Matters (Crossway, 2008, p. 78).

As we bring honor to God by helping people live like Jesus, Worship Arts Ministry of Emmanuel Faith Community Church exists to help people encounter the knowledge and transforming glory of God in Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 3: 18 and 4:6). Ultimately, we seek to glorify God in the following ways:

  • Teach, train, model and encourage people to GROW in the knowledge of the Lord and His Word in worship.
  • Provide a variety of experiences designed to help people CONNECT with the Lord and one another as they serve and worship in community.
  • SHARE the story of God’s grace and redemption in Christ through music and the arts; we reflect God’s nature and share His story with the world in worship. 

Worship is of utmost importance at EFCC, not only in our gatherings each weekend, but in our worship as a lifestyle as well. When we gather to worship:

    • We reach upward and beyond this life to engage with the Sovereign, Holy, Triune God - the One “who was and is and is to come." (Revelation 4:8)
      • We reach back and remember that it is only by God’s saving work in Christ that we can approach Him and serve Him. Christ -- our Savior and Lord, is the centerpiece of our worship.
      • We reach out in community as the body of Christ as we sing, pray, share communion and listen to the Word of God preached, so that we may leave empowered and equipped to live a lifestyle of worship – honoring God by living like Jesus.
      • We reach forward and long for the day when we will all worship together with all creation and every believer from every nation, people and language (Revelation 7:9-11).

          Weekend Services Schedule

          No matter the style of music, we believe worship should be biblical, expressive and creative, yet comprehensive, practical and simple. In the context of the mutual bond we share by faith in the Lord Jesus, we gather to sing, pray, preach, offer and respond in worship. 

          At Emmanuel Faith, we offer seven worship services each weekend, and each service provides participants a unique voice and style in worship. You may choose the time and venue that you prefer.

          Click here for details about our different venues.

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