Digital Worship Guide
August 15 / 16

SERIES: Raise Your Voice: Speaking Vertically in a Volume-obsessed World
SERMON: Remember Me | 1 Samuel 1:1-20
TEACHER: Ryan Paulson, Lead Pastor

Worship Service

In this five-week sermon series, RAISE YOUR VOICE: Speaking Vertically in a Volume-obsessed World, EFCC Lead Pastor Ryan Paulson will lead us through various Scriptures which focus on different aspects of prayer. This second message in the series is from 1 Samuel 1:1-20.

Following is a guide that will help you and your family engage in this time of worship during, following and in the week to come. We are glad you have joined us on the journey!

Let’s start by worshiping the Lord together. See the On-Campus lyrics tab below, or CLICK HERE for a printable file (PDF) of the worship lyrics.

Post-Service Reflection

As we conclude our service, consider these questions:

Reflect: Take a moment to think about what from the passage and message impacted you most.

Share: What verses or points made an impact on you today and why?

Pray: Have one person pray a blessing over the group.

For families with young children, you can find more Faith Kids resources here: Faith Kids.

Keep Growing …

In light of this weekend’s sermon, following are some ways that we can continue to grow in our relationship with Jesus both personally and in connection with others. (To join or lead a Life Group: Life Groups Online.)

Discuss: Life Group Questions

1. Share a time when you have seen God answer prayer. Or a time when God has not answered your prayer in the way you had hoped he would. How have these answered or unanswered prayers impacted your faith and your relationship with God?

2. In 1 Samuel 1, what does Hannah teach you about how to pray? How could Hannah’s petition of faith; her cry out to the Lord of heaven’s armies, cause you to change the way in which you call out to God?

3. Honest prayer requires dangerous hope, a conviction that God is able, and a cry that is birthed in relationship. At the core of your being, are you convinced that God cares about you and that he is good. If so, how can this belief impact your prayer life?

Spiritual Practice

Using the practice of Lectio Divina, meditate on Psalm 25:1-10.

Memory Verse

Psalm 25:6.


Abba, I am tired of trying to carry my anxieties. I release my fears to you. I believe in my heart that you see me, and you care about my deepest sorrows, needs and longings. I know that you love me as your precious child; with all of my imperfections. I approach your throne of grace with confidence, knowing that you will offer mercy and hope in my time of need.

I draw near to you, laying all of my brokenness and weaknesses at your feet. I call out to you, confident that you can, not that you will. I know that you are good and by faith I trust that your ways are holy, righteous and intended to make me be who you created me to be. Remember me Lord.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen


In the community around you; at work, at the store or wherever you go on a regular basis, who do you see that is hurting. Commit to praying for that person every day this week. Ask God to bring grace and wholeness into that person’s life and then if you feel led, write that person a note letting them know that you are praying for them. It might be the most encouragement they have received in years and could turn their heart towards Jesus!

Going Deeper

Study 1 Samuel 2:1-10. Or access our daily devotional guide, The Daily Fill.

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