October 17 / 18

SERIES: Distance Learning: Choose to Flourish in Exile
SERMON: InteGRITy | Daniel 6:1-28
TEACHER: Ryan Paulson, Lead Pastor

Worship Service

Our current fall series, DISTANCE LEARNING: Choose to Flourish in Exile, is a 12-week journey through the book of Daniel. Daniel is a book about bold faith, relentless worship and prophetic visions. It’s a book about how to follow God through difficult times. It’s a book about something that happened, but it’s a book that, in many ways, diagnoses what’s happening in our day and time.

In a profound way, Daniel creates a path forward for us in our current cultural moment. We trust that you will be inspired by Daniel’s faithfulness.

In this week’s message, we’ll be studying Daniel and his visit to the lion’s den. Let’s start by worshiping the Lord together. See the On-Campus lyrics tab below, or CLICK HERE for a printable file (PDF) of the worship lyrics. Or follow along on-screen with us if you’re worshiping with us online.

Post-Service Reflection

As we conclude our time of worship, consider these questions:

Reflect: Take a moment to think about this — what from the passage and message impacted you most?

Share: What verses or points made an impact on you today and why?

Pray: Have one person pray a blessing over the group.

For families with young children, you can find more Faith Kids resources here: Faith Kids.

Keep Growing …

In light of this weekend’s sermon, following are some ways that we can continue to grow in our relationship with Jesus both personally and in connection with others. (To join or lead a Life Group, or to access leader’s notes, visit here: Life Groups Online.)

Discuss: Life Group Questions

1. What’s your weirdest habit?

2. Pastor Ryan identified three things Daniel did which can help us develop the grit that leads to integrity. First, what are they? Second, discuss how each one helped Daniel and how each one can help you. Third, share about which of the three seemed to land most significantly on you and talk a little about why that is.

3. There are three things Pastor Ryan challenged us to do with this teaching. What are they and how would you like your group to pray for you in regards to them?

Spiritual Practice

Using the practice of Lectio Divina, meditate on Proverbs 2:7; 10:9; 11:3; 19:1; 20:7; 28:6.

Enjoy this Spotify playlist, specifically designed for our Daniel series, DISTANCE LEARNING: Choose to Flourish in Exile. We trust it will provide encouragement and enhance your worship times.

Memory Verse

“For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.” 1 Timothy 4:8


“Caring Father, You faithfully keep watch over us, never ceasing from making sure we are safe, and never taking Your eyes off us as you guard us. Though we may run into trouble, we know that You will continue to give us the strength to keep our feet firmly planted in the right direction. When we struggle, give us the peace to realize that You have freed our paths from unnecessary problems. In the face of adversity, keep us steadfast so that we may persevere by the assurance of Your faithful presence. Amen.”


As you think through the message from this week, what are ways you can encourage your community in how they maintain faithfulness through trials of many kinds and how can you as a community be training and practicing together now for when you face trials and difficulties in life?

Going Deeper

This week, study 1 Corinthians 9:19-27, and/or access our daily devotional guide, The Daily Fill.

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