“…Then he touched me and raised me to my feet.” – Daniel 6:15-18

One night my wife and I decided at the last minute to go to the beach for the sunset and a swim.  We were not really prepared (no towels, no change of clothes, etc.) for what was about to happen. As we watched the light fade from the sky, we made our way back to the car with two tired and wet little kids. We get to the car and cannot find our keys or phones. We searched and realized they were locked in the car, ugh. I was trying to keep my cool, but not very happy. It was a long walk to find a phone, kids were getting unhappy, we were nervous, frustrated, tired, hungry, and after doing everything we could to figure out what to do, we finally turned to God.

We prayed and within seconds a man came up and offered for us to use his phone to call for help. He had no idea we were locked out of our car, but he had showed up out of nowhere at the exact right time. He waited to make sure we got the help we needed and left before we could pay him back. God intervened by sending him to help raise us up out of our situation.  

Daniel was dealing with a dream that was draining him and God sent the right help at the right time to pick Daniel up (v. 15-18). Daniel was drained by the dream/vision and overall experience he was having and needed God to intervene and God did through a simple touch.  

Sometimes it’s things in real life, sometimes it is dreams, but the effect different situations have on us mentally, emotionally, or spiritually take a toll. What do you do when something like this happens to you? Do you run and hide? Do you hit snooze on the alarm and go back to sleep? Do you turn to distraction (games, tv, social media)? Do you turn to God?

If you are in a spot like Daniel and need God’s touch, will you take a moment right now and tell him? Maybe just invite him into what is going on so he can have the chance to reach down and raise you up. We were surprised when God sent someone to raise us up that night at the beach, but that’s just what God does. 

Jeremy Johnson
Family Pastor  

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