A helpful tool to help our larger church feel a little smaller and more home-like.

Some App highlights and features

+ Watch sermons/fill out sermon notes
+ Easy way to give
+ Check-in kids for all programs
+ Register for events
+ Connect with groups you’re involved in
+ And much more!

"How do I get the App?"

Click a button below to go directly to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Or, search for “Emmanuel Faith” in either store. Then download the App (click “Install” or “Get”). To install it, just follow the prompts on your Android or Apple device.

You also can click the button below to view the App info flyer. Just scan a store QR code from the flyer.

"What should I do next?"

(1) Open the App.

(2) Tap on “Emmanuel Faith” to select our campus and click “Next.”

(3) Chose which notifications you would like to receive.

“What are notifications, and why do I want them?”
Notifications are an awesome way to connect with the church! From time to time, we’ll send information to the App that you’ve told us is of interest to you. You can select as many or as few as you’d like and you can change your selections at any time.

(4) The next screen will ask you to create a profile or sign in. Just tap that button and then enter your mobile phone number. You’ll be texted a code to either create a profile or sign in.

(5) Once your app is activated, click on “About our App” to learn more!

(6) For questions or assistance with the App, contact us at [email protected].

App Help Contact