Living in the Way of Jesus with the heart of Jesus

We believe that hope, joy, and life are found in following Jesus. Jesus is inviting us to learn how to live in His way with His heart. At Emmanuel Faith, we are passionate about helping people grow in love for Jesus. 

This Is Us Continues at Emmanuel Faith

For over 2,000 years, followers of Jesus have been gathering together as what we call the church. But what’s it all about? Why do we exist? How do we become a people that bring glory to God and good to the community in which we live?

Over the centuries, we’ve been called many things. A mission… a hospital… a temple… a classroom… a family…

A people who live in the way of Jesus with the heart of Jesus… This is what we’re about. This is where we belong. This is what we’re called to be… This Is Us

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Living in the Way of Jesus with the heart of Jesus

We believe that what this world needs is more people who live and love like Jesus. That is what he offered humanity when he came and here at Emmanuel Faith, we are learning to grow in his way with his heart.

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We are Generous

On Sunday, October 17th, Lead Pastor Ryan Paulson continues our sermon series for the fall months, This Is Us. We have been studying some of the reasons why the church exists and answering several questions related to that. This message in the series is entitled We are Generous.

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You Were Made to Worship

We invite you into environments of expectation where you’ll encounter the Triune God and be empowered to worship Him extravagantly in all of life.

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