Very early one morning, before anyone in the house would be tempted to get up, I found quiet space to be with Jesus. There was time to just be still, to pray, to read, and to ponder. Often, as I read the gospels, I would sigh, wanting so much to be changed, to be more like my Savior. The more I read and “watched” his life, I wanted my ways to be like His.  I would talk to him about it and then begin another full day with a house full of little ones. Little by little though, as I spent that time just being with Jesus, the changes did come. Little by little, he was making me into a new person. 

On one of those early mornings, my young daughter crept down the hallway and out to the living room where she found me with my Bible open in my lap. She knew it was her mommy’s time to be with Jesus, so instead of curling up with me she climbed up on the couch across from me with her little Bible. When she had opened it in her lap, just the exact way I had mine, she looked up at me with a sheepish smile, hoping I wouldn’t send her back to bed. 

That moment was such a powerful picture for me of the reason I sat there so early in the morning. My little girl knew how much I loved her and she just wanted to be with me. She was comforted by my presence. She saw my smile and knew I enjoyed being with her, too. Then came the humbling realization that she wanted to be just like me. 

When Jesus called out to those simple fishermen to follow him, telling them he would make them fishers of men, it was much the same. As the disciples followed Jesus, they were drawn to his love and, in turn, they just wanted to be with him. They experienced the comfort and enjoyment of His presence. They listened to His words. They watched his life and they saw him lay it down. And they wanted to be just like him. That’s my story. How about you? How has the knowledge of Jesus’ love for you increased your desire to follow him and to become like him?  

Nicole Jiles
Director of Faith Kids

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