1 Corinthians 7:22

For he who was called in the Lord as a bondservant is a freedman of the Lord. Likewise, he who was free when called is a bondservant of Christ.

Do you feel free? The question is broad and the simple answer is yes, of course. I remember the freedom of riding my bike and feeling like I was invincible until a crash with another bike and I realized I needed to pay more attention! Do you remember when you first got your driver’s license? For me, it was a feeling of freedom, I could now go wherever I wanted. Of course, I was bound by the rules of my parents, the state laws, and the cost of gas. The freedom I thought I had, was still tied to so many other factors. I was not free in an actual sense. In Corinth, Paul had to address the real issue of freedom and slavery in the congregation.

In Galatians, Paul had to deal with the bondage of tradition and desperately wanted the people to accept their freedom (Galatians 5). However, that was more heritage and the sign of Abraham than the issue in Corinth. Jesus talked about freedom in John 8, which had more to do with being a slave to sin than to man. That is what makes this passage unique. Paul uses some reverse thinking to get the whole congregation on the same page. Jesus determines who we are, so if we were a slave, we are now free. If you were free, then you are now a slave to Christ. He does this to help people understand that their current circumstances (it could be traditional, spiritual, or cultural) might make things difficult or painful, but we have to trust in Christ. Of course, when I think about Paul’s statement in light of the desire of being free from slavery, this is not the answer I would want from him. Yet he says something profound that is needed to hear his advice. We all are bound to Christ, we are all under his authority for eternity. Whatever position you are in now remember it is temporary. The freedom we find in Jesus allows us to face the struggle of circumstance because he redeems the hope for the future.

So back to my first question, do you feel free? Here is what I would like you to do: Take a moment and talk to Jesus about what he has done to set you free.  Next, take a moment to talk to Jesus about where maybe something still has you bound, confess it, and ask him to help you find freedom. As always, we are here to talk and pray, to help where we can. Praying for you all.

Jeremy Johnson
Family Pastor

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