In the garden of Eden when God created the first two humans, God did not create similar humans. Instead, he very intentionally created two humans that were VERY different. In fact, they were the most different they could be while still being called humans. Did you know that from a DNA perspective, Adam and Eve have less in common than Adam does with all other men? You see, the biggest difference between humans is not the color of our skin, our hair type, facial structure, size, or heritage; it is the difference between males and females. Yes, as far as DNA goes, you are more different from your own sibling of the opposite sex than you are from any other person of the same gender in the history of the world.

This means that God felt like it would be good (in fact, his words were “very good”) for humans to have someone very different from themselves. God could have given the first human a more similar human to build a relationship with, but he didn’t. He gave him the polar opposite in the spectrum of humanity.

This clearly shows that the way that we tend to separate ourselves into separate “races” is completely cultural and has zero basis in the physical building blocks with which we were created. Once again, from a purely genetic standpoint, you have more in common with a person of the same gender from around the world than you do with any person of the opposite gender. However, it does show us that differences make us better! Wherever the difference comes, be it cultural, linguistic, political, philosophical, demographic, socio-economic, personality, or whatever, we need different people in our lives. Differences make us better. Even theological differences within the global church make the Church of Jesus better. That is, as long as we can find unity with our differences. As soon as we start dividing and declaring people enemies because they are different, we start denying the one thing that makes us special, others.

Do you believe this? Do you believe that God has put people who are different from you in your life to make you better? I hope that you do. And if you do, then make at least one decision today to engage with someone who is different. See how God uses them to grow you and make you better.

Josh Rose
Teaching Pastor

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