In Cana and the surrounding area because of the close relationships in the community weddings were a big gathering. The ceremony would have been more intimate, but the reception would have been up to a 7-day gathering and party. Jesus’ mom was there and Jesus and his disciples were invited. The groom’s family recognized Jesus as someone they wanted to have at the celebration. He was part of the fabric of their life and they wanted him there. He must have meant something to them and they liked him enough to be there! So they invited Jesus to the wedding celebration.

I have had the honor to officiate a few weddings and it is a special event to be a part of. I love the stories that are shared, the closeness of the community, and watching two people join together for life. It is such a blessing to be invited. People naturally want to celebrate with people they care about and who care about them. I guess that is why Jesus was invited. He is the kind of person who would be. Maybe they grew up together, maybe he built something for them, or maybe they just were friends. Whatever the reason they wanted him there. Could you imagine having Jesus in person at your wedding (how cool would that be)?

Think of your life and where you are right now. Are you inviting Jesus in? Do you want to celebrate the good things with him? Are you running to him when you run out of wine? Jesus is the kind of person you want with you in all aspects of life, but sometimes it is hard for us to let him in. Remember he didn’t leave the father of the groom in the cold and out of wine, he stepped in and helped. Let me encourage you to invite Jesus into whatever is going on in your life. Maybe you need help, invite him. Maybe something good is happening, invite him along there as well.

Jeremy Johnson
Family Pastor

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