In Ephesians 1:3-14 Paul gives us a single sentence (in the Greek) that comes in at a surprising length of 257 words, almost exactly the length of the entire Gettysburg Address. There is so much packed into this “one sentence” that the English translation had to divide it into several sentences to make it understandable for us. It made me think of the times that our sons were so excited about something that happened at school or one of their baseball games, that they didn’t take a breath before every detail of the happy event had been poured out without pause. Have you ever had someone relay a story or information without seemingly taking a breath—maybe because they didn’t want to be interrupted or lose their train of thought? How about someone really into football who just watched a bowl game and are so fired up about a bad call by a ref that just changed the whole trajectory of the game—”and if he had called that right, then this would have happened, and did you see that pass interference on so and so that wasn’t even called,” etc. So many words, so much passion without a pause, comma, question mark or period.

Paul passionately and energetically describes the spiritual blessings that we all have in knowing and accepting Jesus. He wants everyone, Jews and Gentiles alike, to know that as a community of Jesus believers we were chosen by God to be holy and blameless in his sight, to be redeemed or made new, forgiven of all sins, and all for his glory and praise. He gives us the Holy Spirit as a guarantee or deposit of the inheritance we received and became when we were adopted as God’s very own children. We started a whole new story—a whole new adventure and life with him.

God has blessed us in the “heavenly realms or places” with every (not some) spiritual blessing in Christ. Isn’t that something to be excited or passionate about? The same God who spoke the entire universe into existence with four words, “Let there be light” gave us every spiritual blessing in Christ! And guess what, those four words spoken by God in the beginning are still creating galaxies at the outer edges of the universe. Four words! There is nothing God’s voice cannot say cannot do, and he can do it however he wants. Ephesians 1:9 … according to the plan and purpose of his will. He is still pursuing, forgiving, and changing people and blessing them with every spiritual blessing. Do you feel blessed? What spiritual blessing have you received lately that energized you or caused you to cry out “Praise you Lord! Thank you so much!”

Deb Hill
Exec. Assistant to Lead Pastor

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