Do you have any moments in your life that have left a lasting memory or defined who you are? I had the joy of officiating a wedding the other day and it reminded me of one of those moments that will be a foundation for the couple to build on for the rest of their lives. A couple of weeks prior I had the chance to lead a friend’s memorial service. Another defining moment that changes the trajectory of lives. I share this because there was a night in history that changed everything. Jesus gathered with his friends and did something that was going to be foundational for all who believe.

The interesting thing about this moment in history is that it began with a reminder something bad (betrayal) was going to take place; 1 Corinthians 11:23, “…the night Jesus was betrayed.” However, Jesus was doing something beautiful; a defining moment in history. The reason the Table/Communion is a defining moment is because it is the powerful reminder of what Jesus was about to do. He symbolized the giving of his life (something not normal) with the breaking of bread and drinking of wine (normal things). That act, at that moment, allows us to stand on the historical foundation Jesus gave. Since then, believers have followed the practice and allowed the Holy Spirit to work powerfully to grow them closer to God because of what Jesus has done.

What events do you build your life on? Jesus gave us a special historical event we can build on. On the night he was betrayed, he modeled what to do. Historically his actions showed we could rely on him. Here is my encouragement for you, Jesus gave you a defining moment, think of the moment you trusted your Savior. Remember what that meant then and think about what it means now. Take some time to thank him for what he has done so you can have that moment.

Pastor Jeremy

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