Unmarried and childless with no living relatives, Luis Carlos de Noronha Cabral de Camara left his great fortune to 70 people chosen at random out of a Lisbon phonebook. In the presence of two witnesses, and presumably his lawyer, he chose 70 people at random out of the phonebook to receive part of his fortune after his passing. You can imagine the shock of being on the other end of that phone call, that you are receiving an inheritance from a man you didn’t even know existed!

Many people dream of receiving a great inheritance from a long-lost great uncle, and it has been a major plot point in famous movies (shout out to personal childhood favorite, Mr. Deeds). Yet, this probably will never happen to you or to me.

In the Apostle Paul’s time, your inheritance was of utmost impor- tance. Most people followed in their parent’s footsteps and upward mobility was essentially non-existent. Receiving a large inheritance, historically, has always been greatly desired. Well, I have some good news for you. If you’re a follower of Jesus, you happen to be a child of the king and the recipient of a great inheritance!

We’ve received an abundantly wonderful inheritance, the grace of God and every spiritual blessing. All these things at our disposal from the moment we say “Yes” to the Lord. However, you’re not

just receiving. You’re also becoming God’s inheritance! Can you believe that Paul would say in v. 18, that his hope is that the believers in Ephesus would know the hope to which they have been called and what are the glorious riches of HIS inheritance in the saints.

Not only have you received and are receiving, you’re also part of and becoming part of God’s inheritance. God has chosen his people to become his inheritance, and it is with this knowledge that we operate. Do you ever have trouble believing that God is for you? I know that I do. I know that every spiritual blessing is available to me, that I’m called according to God’s purposes, and yet, sometimes that isn’t always the reality of where I live.

On the white board in my office is written this question, “Who am I becoming?” Well, I know who I am, God’s inheritance! But I get to live more into that day by day through the power of the inheri- tance of grace I have received and am always receiving. May we open our hearts to receive his grace and to become all that God desires for us.

Seth Redden
High School Pastor

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