In Leviticus 4, there is one set of instructions for “the anointed priest,” another set of instructions for a “leader,” and yet another for “the common people.” With each step “downward” in influence, the value of the prescribed sacrifice goes down. Is this because leaders are more valuable to God? Is it true that a priest is worth a bull, but a common person is only worth a goat? No! These differences in sacrifices don’t correlate to the differences in the value of the person, but to the differences in the influence that the person has over God’s people. In fact, I would suggest that the reason that leaders are held to higher standards is actually that the people who are led are so valuable to God. Let me see if I can explain.
Let’s start with Luke 12:48, which says, “Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to whom they entrusted much, they will demand the more.” The idea here is that those who have been given more resources, gifts, talents, or opportunities are expected to use them wisely and for the greater good. This applies not only to material wealth but also to positions of leadership and influence.

Leaders have been entrusted with much, especially in the way of influence, and therefore much is expected of them. They have a responsibility to use their power and influence for the benefit of those they lead, to make decisions that reflect Jesus’ way and heart, setting an example of integrity and accountability.

So this principle about the weight of leadership, “to whom much is given, much is required,” reminds us that leadership is not just about having authority or being in charge; it is about stewardship and service. Leaders must be willing to sacrifice (yes, isn’t that a great word for this) their own interests and desires for the sake of others.

So, what about you? Who do you have influence over? Is it kids, family, friends, employees, or any number of relationships? I still haven’t met someone who doesn’t have any influence, and that is because I believe that everyone can lead in the area of their giftedness. So whether you like it or not, that means that you are a leader. That is a weighty task, but I pray that you will be able to stand up under that weight. The promise is that in the end, those who have been entrusted with much and have fulfilled their responsibilities with integrity and wisdom will be rewarded with more responsibility and influence. I pray that your influence will only grow!

Josh Rose
Discipleship Pastor

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