When my kids were little, we would turn off the lights and play hide and seek, but there was a twist. I would be as loud and as intimidating as possible! I would stomp and growl and try to scare them into coming out of the hiding spot. Sometimes it worked even though they knew that I was coming. Sometimes they had Nerf guns and would attack too!

Peter reminds us the Devil is kind of doing the same thing. Just as God seeks after us, the enemy does as well. His tactics fear, intimidation, stress, deception, and let us know he’s coming. Peter warns is that the devil’s goal it to devour. He wants to hurt us, and he knows how to. This a strong warning from Peter to remind us our help is Jesus.

He tells us to be alert, so we will be ready for whatever is trying get at us. He tells us to be of sober mind, because it’s vital we can see Satan’s deception for what it is, a lie meant to devour. Sometimes though those lies get us: What if I’m alone? What if that person said something about me? What if I fail as a (use an adjective)? Or sometimes the enemy causes division by hurting our relationship with God and as he does then it hurts our rela- tionship with others.

Satan attacks me through my insecurities. He brings up my insecurities to try to devour me, causing me not to trust that God was there and not to trust others to be there for me either. Satan has even attacked me through others’ actions to try to pull me from God. But, God didn’t let him pull me away (John 10:28-29), even though I felt lost, alone, and afraid — God always provided help (1 Cor. 10:13).

Peter tells us we can stand firm in faith (1 Peter 5:9), because Jesus is greater. He is the foundation we need to stand when the enemy prowls, intimidates, or attempts to devour. Jesus is our victory (1 Cor. 15:57) and since He is, who do we have to fear? No one (Romans 8:31).

Jesus thank you for being my victory. Thank for taking care of me when I’m lost or weak. My Savior and Sustainer, you are with, let me never forget it. Amen.

By Jeremy Johnson
Pastor of Men’s Ministries

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