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Using This Opportunity to Create a More Welcoming Worship Environment

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In this unique season of COVID-19, many of us have discovered the need to be refreshed — spiritually, mentally and physically. Being refreshed and rejuvenated restores our hope, our joy and our purpose. At Emmanuel Faith, this unexpected season also has provided an opportunity to refresh and restore our church facilities. As a result, our church leaders have felt led to focus on refreshing the heart and soul of our campus: our Worship Center.  

On June 9, 2020, the elders voted to move forward with upgrading our Worship Center, where we gather together to worship the Lord. Thankfully, our main venue has served us well over the years. But the technology, seating and 1990s style need to be updated. Putting our efforts into beautifying our “front door” will provide a warmer welcome for our visitors as well as our regular attenders.

We are so thankful to our church family for the sacrificial giving to our first phase of Beyond which allowed us to create the beautiful new Children’s Center, an exciting space for the next generation to learn to know and love Jesus! During that phase, we also enhanced our visitor parking lot and expanded our courtyard. 

Refreshing Our Worship Center

In this time period, we’re focusing on our Worship Center, to create a timeless space where we can hear from God’s word and worship together. Our goal is to create a space that provides an excellent worship experience with compelling audio & visual components in a versatile venue that enhances both our classic and modern services. Because we have now expanded our online presence, we’re also excited to be upgrading our sound system and video equipment so we can continue to minister to those worshiping at home — whether in San Diego County, in other states around the USA, or within another country.

A few years ago, we were given a rough estimate of $15 million to replace our Worship Center in phase 4 of our campus renovation process. However, after families began flooding into the Children’s Center, we realized the next part of our campus that should be enhanced was our Worship Center, where many of the parents and grandparents attend after dropping off their students in our new children’s facility. 

We were so excited to hear from the architects that the structure of our main venue has “good bones” and only needs to be freshened up. Thank you, Jesus! Now, instead of a $15 million construction project, we have been given an estimate of $4.1 million, including the organ, audio and video upgrades. We’re already seeing God pave the way financially for this, with lower interest rates and opportunities to keep construction and equipment costs down.

As you’ll see in the “Organ Upgrade” video, our organ was almost 100 years old and needed to be upgraded. Our worship pastor Dave Hook and organist Margie Oliver have chosen an organ that will connect with our new sound system and provide an engaging musical setting in which to worship the Lord.

For More Information (FAQs)

If you would like more information, CLICK HERE to visit our Beyond Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to more specifics about the Worship Center renovations, organ change-out, what’s happening with our pews, and more.

Going “Beyond” Together

Would you pray about partnering with us in this second phase of Beyond? If God is calling you to help refresh and enhance the heart of our campus, you can do so in several ways. For one-time or recurring gifts, click on the appropriate button below. Then click to choose the Beyond Building Fund from the drop down. (If you currently give to Beyond and would like to increase your gift amount, you can do so via the recurring gift button below.)

To donate via stocks or other assets, please contact COO/CFO Jim North via email or call (760) 781-2193.

Thank you for praying with us as we use this unique opportunity to create a more welcoming worship environment for years to come.

One-Time Gift Recurring Gift