Do you want to be healed? It’s a direct question that demands a direct answer: yes or no!

It’s been 38 long years; who knows the last time this crippled man considered his plight. But now he must take responsibility for his future. However, he answers with an excuse that attempts to explain the reason his healing is not possible. Jesus is not looking for excuses, He is looking for a yes! There is no time to waste, Jesus calls this man to a place of decision; “Get up, take up your bed, and walk.” This is this man’s moment to respond in faith and as he believes Jesus meets him in his time of need. No longer a victim of his circumstances, this man is no longer looking at what he can see, but with eyes wide open with faith!

What area of your life are you telling Jesus He can’t? How are you allowing your unbelief to hinder you from taking Christ up on His offer of healing? He is looking for your yes!

Margy Hill

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