Over the last few weeks in John 8, we have seen Jesus speak to a group of people and contend with the obligatory pack of Pharisees. Many believe in Him, even though they lack a basic comprehension of what He means. Jesus then takes the new believers aside and continues to teach them. These people get completely hung up on an idea they take right out of context. They get so bent out of shape and belligerent about it that Jesus blasts the whole group, calling them “Children of Satan,” and things proceed to get worse from there.

What happened? What went wrong? Why did it escalate so quickly? Why did Jesus burn the bridge so thoroughly with these people? Jesus is after their commitment and their devotion. Jesus is tilling the soil for his church to come with the Holy Spirit. These people just want an easier life, hoping Jesus will overthrow Caesar soon. The Lord has no qualms about making people angry, the human race poses no threat to him.

To those who come to Jesus with selfish motives, they can look forward to the same sort of mutual rejection. See the answer Jesus gives to the rich young ruler. Jesus still wants people to make Him Lord, live for him, and obey him. We’ll mess up and not do these things perfectly, but he has patience for the humble.

God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble
James 4:6

Jonathan Duncan

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