Imagine living when Jesus walked this earth. Your knowledge of Scripture and stories from your ancestors told of a King who would someday come, conquer your enemies, and bring you and your loved ones freedom. You have seen prophecies fulfilled and understand that the Messiah will bring salvation; he will be an almighty King who will free you from political oppression. While much of the unrest that your people feel comes from within your own religious sects, everyone is aware that Rome holds the ultimate power and your hope lies in freedom from their grip.

You saw Jesus ride into Jerusalem as the crowds hailed, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord”. But he was riding a donkey!? Could this Jesus really be the King that you have been waiting for? He doesn’t quite fit what you expected. He seems humble and gentle, yet he doesn’t portray the physical characteristics and royal presence of a powerful King. Could he really conquer your enemies?

Then something stirs within you causing you to wonder if what you were longing for was merely political freedom. It’s all that people talk about. Everyone seems to have their opinion about who could be a good ruler and who could not. One political group seems to genuinely care about the welfare of people while another appears to be merely putting on a show. Is there any real benevolence in their hearts or is everyone just looking for power and control? These are the thoughts that cause you to wonder if there is something more to this life.

You see suffering all around you and you feel it within your own soul. You know your own heart has sinned against God and as much as you long for freedom from the influence of Rome, there is something even deeper within you that longs for freedom from your own selfish desires. What if your real enemies lie deep within your soul, influencing your thoughts, emotions, and decisions? What if this Jesus is more than a political King? What if he could free you from the tyranny of your bad choices, your lustful thoughts, your self-induced suffering? What if Jesus could free you from your sins? What if he could bring about healing? And hope? What if Jesus came not to free you from bondage here on this earth but to unshackle your chains and provide freedom for all eternity? What if Jesus came to give you life; abundant life that transcends your wildest dreams… and all this because he loves you.

Yes, Jesus is far more than a political King. He is your Savior. He is the lover of your soul. He is your Lord!

Lynette Fuson
Care & Counseling Director

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