Winter has finally arrived in Escondido! I forgot how much I enjoy the cool (cold for San Diego) mornings, quiet time bundled up, and the slowness of the early morning hours. The cold weather just makes me want to stay cozy and comfortable, I want to skip taking the dogs for a walk or working out. I just want coffee, blankets, and my Bible because that is my cold morning comfort zone. It is funny how I search out moments of comfort instead of doing some things that will benefit me and others. I miss the relationships I built just by talking to neighbors on my early morning walks and the times where God would open up new conversations. I guess I should weigh the risk and the reward of my routine.

It is fascinating that the Magi left their homes and spent months traveling to a far-off place to visit a newborn king based on a star in the sky. I am sure they dealt with uncomfortable cold mornings, long days, hard travels, and many other risks. Yet they were not deterred and they made their way to find whom they were looking for. They took a risk because the reward to visit Jesus was greater than remaining in their comfort zone. They had the opportunity to bring gifts to the Savior, to celebrate something only God could do, and it did not matter the risk Herod presented. The scribes wouldn’t travel 5 miles to see if Micah the prophet was correct in where the king was born. The reward that God gives is worth letting go of comfort and taking some risks.
Have you been seeking what the Lord has for you or seeking your own comfort (like me in the cold mornings!)? This season as we look forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus we find comfort in the fact that Jesus came for us, we take comfort in our God who loves us so much, and we find comfort in the hope Jesus brings. Let’s be willing to take some risks with the people God has put in our path to give them the hope that Jesus brings. Can you be praying about how you can share the hope that Jesus has given you with someone who needs it? If you need a little hope as well, we are here to help.
Pastor Jeremy Johnson
Family Pastor

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